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The research of uDASH, like the hub itself, emerges from its people. Among our 90+ experts – spread across UNSW's broad and diverse faculties of Science, Engineering, Medicine, Law & Justice, Business, Australian Defence Force Academy, and Arts, Design & Architecture – are individuals whose interests and skillsets are broad and diverse. What unites us is the desire to apply our skills to deep and meaningful real-world challenges, addressing “intractable problems” as stated by the Director of uDASH, Professor Scott Sisson. Our research operations are divided into four key pillars:

Fundamental research

uDASH is embedded in UNSW Science but our impact is much broader. We collaborate with multiple schools and across all faculties at UNSW.  Using data science tools to address problems in fundamental research is integral to our work. We build and develop the foundations of data science methodologies to create the next-generation of inferential and analytical techniques.

Industry engagement

We provide expertise to enable data-informed decisions to benefit industry, government, and society–solving challenging problems through the analysis and modelling of data. As part of our collaborative approach, we develop tools to improve your data analytics and visualisation. This involves interpreting your data and training your workforce in the most recent data science innovations, informed by our high-impact researchers.

Education & outreach

uDASH provides numerous educational and outreach programs, including:

  • one-day workshops

  • seminars 

  • micro-credentialling.

We empower communities using data science methods and training. We enhance skillsets through educational programs and motivate the next generation of data scientists.

Applied research

uDASH is enabling and accelerating cutting-edge research in the environmental, physical and health sciences, using novel and bespoke data science tools. We are driven to address real-world problems using unparalleled big data and state-of-the-art methods.

Interested in becoming an industry partner or collaborating with the UNSW Data Science Hub? Reach out to us below: 

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