Science history trail

Designed to increase inclusive representation in science.

The UNSW Science History Trail is designed to increase inclusive representation in science by highlighting the stories and achievements of scientists often overlooked in science history. The trail showcases a diversity of science role models chosen by UNSW Science students.

The Science History Trail project is a collaborative effort between the Science EDI Team, current Science students, UNSW outreach librarians, the academic skills team and ARC. We'd like to offer a special thank you to Lisa Worthington, James Bedford, Jennifer Whitfield, Kim Taylor, Monica O'Brien, Caroline Fox Drinkwater and Thomas Bell for their support in developing this initiative.

Science History Trail Showcase

The UNSW Science History Trail focuses on increasing representation in Science History.

This recorded online showcase, hosted by the Co-Associate Dean of EDI, Carlo Caponecchia, highlights the stories of diverse scientists often not included in traditional science history. It features current UNSW Science Students as they tell the stories of their science role models and reflect on the importance of inclusive representation in science history. 

The showcase was supported by the UNSW Division of Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion, as part of Diversity Fest 2021.