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Discover the infinite possibilities that a partnership with UNSW Science can bring to your organisation, from pioneering ideas to innovation.

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UNSW Science believes in the power of collaboration – where the solution to even the most intractable problem is only a conversation away. 

We are committed to sharing our science with the community, developing new partnerships with industry, and strengthening those bonds we already have at both the local and global scale. With a wealth of research excellence, deep subject matter expertise and world class research infrastructure, we are committed to building stronger connections and developing partnerships and industry opportunities on local and global scales.

“Entering a new partnership, be it with industry, government or a not-for-profit, is always an exciting time, but it’s the path that collaboration takes us along – the problems we solve, the jobs we create and the global change we affect – that motivates us.”

- Professor Dane McCamey, Associate Dean Enterprise and Engagement, UNSW Science

Last year UNSW Science worked with over 170 partner organisations across sectors ranging from insurance to environmental management, finance to refugee mental health, aerospace to biotechnology.

We are flexible in the ways we can work together. Each relationship is unique and the goals achieved diverse:

  • Multi-year collaborative research projects leveraging government support via the CRC and Linkage schemes
  • On campus co-location of small and medium technology enterprises, such as PSYLO, Drop Bio and Silicon Quantum Computing
  • One-off projects to solve industry challenges (Tech Vouchers, Innovation Connections, etc.)
  • Student internships and Work Integrated Learning opportunities
“We felt that UNSW could offer us a solution to some of the problems we were facing. The relationship we developed with UNSW allowed us to dedicate a researcher to focus solely on the challenges we were facing. That proved incredibly valuable to us. The process was easy. Working with the academics, the University, was excellent. Seamless I would say. I'd definitely recommend it.”

Dr Simon Fielding, Principal Chemist, Memjet Technology

Partners work with us for a variety of reasons, including

  • Access to subject matter experts in a wide variety of fields, from quantum physics to ecological impact
  • Access to world class infrastructure (such as the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics and the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre) and the expertise to make best use of it
  • Long-standing and diverse funding sources and relationships 
  • Access to our cohort of high achieving students via our Work Integrated Learning program
“The team at UNSW was able to analyse the data and provide really specific and useful insights which ultimately allows us to improve our designs and manufacturing. The results provide a breakthrough in our thinking which is now guiding our product development.”

Alex Bilyk, VP Research, CAP-XX

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