A collective commitment to making and measuring the impact of science.  

Pact for Impact embodies UNSW Science’s spirit of collaboration, dedication to the pursuit of excellence, the advancement of scientific understanding and commitment to improve the world we live in through science.  

Measuring the impact of science is complex. That’s why we have chosen a new series of Impact Indicators to measure the tangible impact of science on the world around us: 

  1. Commercialisation - distribution of scientific processes for use
  2. Sustainability and Environment - resourceful outputs impacting our planet
  3. Lives Changed - communities or individuals impacted by new scientific advancements or education
  4. Policy and Influence - knowledge transfer and exchange
  5. Scholarly Outputs - traditional method of measuring impact from an academic standpoint

Empower. Innovate. Impact.

PNG fish farming

Professor Jes Sammut from the School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences addresses the protein shortage in Papa New Guinea (PNG) through fish farming.


Rethinking waste

Pioneering recycling methods are transforming used glass and textiles into practical products.

“We are committed to demonstrating the real-world impact of science on all Australians but the challenge lies in measuring tangible outcomes. We are thrilled to unveil the Pact for Impact, a commitment that has been designed and created in collaboration with our partners, which puts us one step closer to solving this challenge. With a focus on collaboration, we look forward to working with industry partners to define and demonstrate the impact of science on the world we live in.”

- Scientia Professor Sven Rogge, Dean of UNSW Science 

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