Faculty Leadership Team

Photograph of the exterior of scientia building located on the UNSW Kensington campus

UNSW Science is at the forefront of innovative ideas and pursues the frontiers of scientific research, driven by the challenges of today's changing world. Our research is distinguished across all our disciplines.

Our faculty members and leadership team are committed to learning beyond the classroom. This occurs in our state-of-the-art laboratories, workshops, conferences and international and multidisciplinary collaborations.

Executive Team

Sven Rogge - Dean

Sven is an internationally recognised expert in condensed matter physics and quantum information science. He has held several research and leadership positions at UNSW since joining from Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands in 2011 including the role of Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research).
Deputy Dean, Education Alison Beavis
Deputy Dean, Education
Headshot of Marc Wilkins
Deputy Dean, Research & Enterprise
Deputy Dean, External Engagement Jes Sammut
Deputy Dean, External Engagement
Deputy Dean, External Engagement Martina Stenzel
Deputy Dean, External Engagement
Headshot of Veneet Sood
Faculty Executive Director


Heads of School

Susan Coppersmith profile picture
Head of School, Physics
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Adelle Coster
Head of School, Mathematics and Statistics
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Headshot of Shane Grey
Head of School, Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
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Member of Staff Michael Ferry
Head of School, Materials Science & Engineering
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Head of School, Chemistry Timothy Schmidt
Head of School, Chemistry
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Head of School, Psychology Simon Killcross
Head of School, Psychology
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Brett Molesworth
Head of School, Aviation
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Alistair Poore Headshot
Head of School, Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
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Associate Deans

Associate Dean Research Belinda Ferrari
Associate Dean Research
Associate Dean, Research Training Suhelen Egan
Associate Dean, Research Training
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Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lisa Williams
Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
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Carlo Caponecchia Headshot
Associate Dean Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Faculty of Science UNSW
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Associate Dean, Education, Innovation & Student Experience Rebecca LeBard
Associate Dean, Education, Innovation & Student Experience
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Associate Dean, Academic Program & Quality
Associate Dean, Impact Partnerships Kelly Clemens
Associate Dean, Impact Partnerships

Dean's Unit Staff

Tanyth Farley
Executive Assistant to the Dean
E: ScienceDeanEA@unsw.edu.au
Marie Simmons
Faculty Operations Manager
E: m.simmons@unsw.edu.au
Alyce Taylor

Strategy Manager, Strategy
E: a.taylor@unsw.edu.au

Shauna Simon
Precinct Services Manager E:s.simon@unsw.edu.au
Sarah Stride

Senior Project Officer, Research
E: sarah.stride@unsw.edu.au

Mikaela Viray

Senior Project Officer, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
E: m.viray@unsw.edu.au

Katie West

Senior Engagement Officer
E: katie.l.west@unsw.edu.au

Cheryl Mah

Senior Project Officer – STEMM Champions

E: cheryl.mah@unsw.edu.au

Will Pizzoni
Administrative Officer
E: g.pessutopizzoni@unsw.edu.au
Leonie Kneipp

Project Officer
E: l.kneipp@unsw.edu.au

Paulina Wade

E: paulina.wade@unsw.edu.au

Riley Morgan

E: riley.morgan@unsw.edu.au

Eugene Barannikov

Operations Manager, Strategic Projects (SQC)

E: e.barannikov@unsw.edu.au

Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador Program

Lisa Harvey-Smith

Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador
E: WomenInSTEM@unsw.edu.au

Lisa Williams

Chief Investigator

Isabelle Kingsley

Research Associate

Becky Laurence

Digital Content Officer

Jaqui Pyke

Senior Administrative Officer

Dan Prichard

Program Coordinator

Science Education Team

Charlotte Barrett

Education Partnerships Team Leader
E: charlotte.barrett@unsw.edu.au

Chelsea Stokes

Industry Engagement Officer
E: chelsea.stokes@unsw.edu.au

Naomi Huynh

Student Experience Officer
E: naomi.huynh@unsw.edu.au

Elizabeth Triantafyllou

WIL Administrator

E: e.triantafyllou@unsw.edu.au

Steve Yannoulatos

Education Support Manager
E: s.yannoulatos@unsw.edu.au

Steven Parker

Education Technology Manager
E: steven.parker@unsw.edu.au

Camile Moray

Educational Designer
E: c.moray@unsw.edu.au

Gus Frystak

Education Project Officer
E: g.frystak@unsw.edu.au

Victoria Teo

Academic Programs Administrator
E: v.teo@unsw.edu.au

Ethan Ou

Education Technology Officer
E: ethan.ou@unsw.edu.au

Neil Lawrence

Education Technology Officer
E: neil.lawrence@unsw.edu.au

Ryan Salinas

Faculty Project Officer, Digital Assessment Program
E: r.salinas@unsw.edu.au

Matthew Oxley

E: m.oxley@unsw.edu.au


Andrea Rossetti

Finance Business Partner (Acting)
E: a.rossetti@unsw.edu.au

Katie Szuprytowski

Finance Manager (Acting)
E: k.szuprytowski@unsw.edu.au

Anna Lancaster
Finance Analyst (Aviation, Psychology)
E: anna.lancaster@unsw.edu.au
Carmen Du Plessis
Finance Analyst (Physics, SQC, MSE, SMART)
E: c.duplessis@unsw.edu.au
Emma Hu
Finance Analyst (Chemistry, RNAI, Maths and Stats, uDASH)
E: emma.hu@unsw.edu.au
Lavina Gupta

Finance Analyst (BEES, CCRC)
E: lavina.gupta@unsw.edu.au

Barbora Macejova

Finance Analyst (BABS, Ramaciotti, Dean’s Unit)
E: b.macejova@unsw.edu.au

Human Resources

Caroline Thierry

Human Resources Business Partner
E: c.thierry@unsw.edu.au

Rachel Logan

Human Resources Officer
E: r.logan@unsw.edu.au

Sarah Meaney

Human Resources Officer
E: sarah.meaney@unsw.edu.au

Ann Torrecampo

Human Resources Consultant
E: a.torrecampo@unsw.edu.au

Mary Galao

Human Resources Consultant
E: m.galao@unsw.edu.au

Georgia Cerda

Human Resources Consultant
E: g.cerda@unsw.edu.au

Human Resources General Enquiry

E: hrscience@unsw.edu.au

External Engagement

Trea Murphy

Senior External Engagement Manager
E: trea.murphy@unsw.edu.au

Caitlyn Granse

External Engagement Manager
E: c.granse@unsw.edu.au

Lilly Matson

News and Content Coordinator
E: l.matson@unsw.edu.au

Justine Meloy

Alumni Engagement Coordinator
E: j.meloy@unsw.edu.au

Estate Management and IT

Daniel Bustos

EM Business Partner
E: d.bustos@unsw.edu.au

Kathleen Gray

IT Business Partner
E: kathleen.gray@unsw.edu.au

Health and Safety

Tracey Clay

HSE Business Partner
E: t.clay@unsw.edu.au

Keaghan Tai

HSE Advisor
E: keaghan.tai@unsw.edu.au

Steven (Wei) Wang

HSE Advisor
E: wei.wang4@unsw.edu.au


Anna Gauchat

Head of Development
E: a.gauchat@unsw.edu.au

Luis Severiano

Development Manager
E: l.severiano@unsw.edu.au

Hannah Cope
Development Coordinator
E: h.cope@unsw.edu.au

Registrar and Student Services

Nicholas Heath

Faculty Business Partner

E: n.heath@unsw.edu.au

Andrew Brown-Nguyen

Student Service Advisor (Stakeholder & Engagement)

E: a.c.brown@unsw.edu.au

Precinct Services

Paul Murphy

Store and Compliance Officer
W: https://www.stores.unsw.edu.au/

Timothy Kelly

Store and Compliance Officer
W: https://www.stores.unsw.edu.au/

Pritipal Baweja

Workshops Manager
W: https://www.stores.unsw.edu.au/

Sudha Moorkooth

Purchasing Officer
W: https://www.stores.unsw.edu.au/

Esat Veli

Store Assistant
W: https://www.stores.unsw.edu.au/

Julio Tellez

Store Assistant
W: https://www.stores.unsw.edu.au/

Steve Castillo

Store Assistant
W: https://www.stores.unsw.edu.au/

Future Students Office

Shashma Bonnet-Rooke

Future Student Partner
E: s.bonnet@unsw.edu.au

Lena Calligeros

Senior Recruitment Product Manager
E: l.comino@unsw.edu.au

Joyi Chen

Recruitment Officer
E: joyi.chen@unsw.edu.au

Olivia-Grace Forde

Faculty Marketing Content Producer
E: o.forde@unsw.edu.au

Knowledge Exchange

Anthony Morfa

KE Business Partner
E: a.morfa@unsw.edu.au