Associate Professor Lisa Anne Williams
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Associate Professor Lisa Anne Williams

School of Psychology



I am a social psychologist whose research explores how emotions shape and are shaped by social processes. Specifically, my research focuses on the adaptive functions of positive social emotions such as pride and gratitude. This program of research covers intrapersonal (within person), interpersonal (between individuals), and intergroup (between groups) processes.


  • Ph.D. Social Psychology, Northeastern University, 2009
  • M.A. Social Psychology, Northeastern University, 2006
  • B.A. Psychology, Lewis and Clark College, 2004


Research Goals

  • To apply functional approaches to the empirical study of emotional experience
  • To identify how discrete positive emotional experience influences wellbeing, prosocial behaviour, and interpersonal accord
  • To understand the process via which socio-affective experience supports social interactions.

Research in Detail

The goal of my research is to uncover, via empirical methods, the nature of socio-affective experience and the myriad ways that such experience shapes and is shaped by social interactions. Specifically, I consider how emotions that appear to have functions that are adaptive for social interactions (e.g., pride, gratitude, compassion) shape behaviour. I also engage in research that applies the principles of affective science into applied domains, including the motivation that underlies blood donation. To achieve these goals, I employ a variety of methods, including interpersonal emotion inductions, experience sampling procedures, and psychophysiology. I collaborate extensively with colleagues at UNSW, at other Australian universities, and around the world.

Research Grants

  • ARC Linkage Project (LP140100034) 2014-2016: The emotional psychology of blood donors: understanding and using the affective key to donor return
  • ARC Discovery Project (DP103102110) 2013-2015: To be or not to be proud: Identifying the functionality of pride in intergroup settings
  • ARC Discovery Project (DP130104468) 2013-2015: Emotional responses to comparisons in romantic relationships: Implications for relationship wellbeing

Supervision Opportunities/Areas

I am open to supervising new postgraduate and/or Honours students in the areas listed above as well as other, related topics. Interested students should contact me via email to discuss these options.


Courses I teach

PSYC3121: Social Psychology
PSYC1001: Psychology 1A

Professional affiliations and service positions

I am Associate Editor at the journal Emotion. I engage in ad hoc reviewing for 16 other journals across the field of psychology and other related disciplines. I am a frequent contributor to The Conversation. I am a member of the Self-Assessment Team for the UNSW SAGE Athena Swan Pilot. I am an active member of the Society for Affective Science and the Society for Personality and Social Psychology.



2017 UNSW Faculty of Science June Griffith Fellowship for Women in Leadership
2014 Australian Psychological Society UNSW Lecturer of the Year

02 9385 1643
School of Psychology University of New South Wales Sydney NSW 2052 Mathews Building Room 1302A


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