UNSW research is a central activity for academic staff and lies at the heart of many of the activities of the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences. 

Our research and its themes range across much of the science spectrum, spanning the ecological, ecosystem, behavioural, paleontological, climate and geosciences. 

Our broad research strengths encompass aspects of the past, current and future impacts that affect the natural world and human interaction with that world. These strengths are nurtured within our various research centres and by our established industry partnerships. 

We combine our leading multidisciplinary knowledge across our various research centres and our centres create a research hub for disciplines within our school. 

Together, our centres make new discoveries, take steps towards improving the environment and research our history to enhance our future. Explore our research centres and affiliated centres to see how we form deeper connections with our world. 

Our research centres

Centre for Ecosystem Science

We focus on the key uncertainties, risks and threats that face biodiversity in rivers and wetlands. We provide rigorous advice to the government and communicate our research broadly in the community.

Centre for Marine Science & Innovation

We focus on the functions, processes and interactions that shape the marine environment. We find innovative solutions for management, conservation and economic developments.

Climate Change Research Centre

We're one of the largest university research facilities of our kind in Australia. We house research expertise in the key areas of Earth's climate: atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial processes.

Earth and Sustainability Science Research Centre

UNSW ESSRC is a multidisciplinary research group that investigates the drivers and impacts of a changing Earth and advises policy and decision makers about creating a more sustainable future.

Evolution & Ecology Research Centre

Evolution and ecology underpin all biological diversity. We research how organisms adapt to the environment now and in the past. We draw together the diverse strengths of academic staff, research fellows and postgraduate students to build capacity for this research.

Fowlers Gap Research Station

Located 112 km north of Broken Hill, Fowlers Gap Research Station is a unique ecological site for research and education. A wide variety of research is carried out on the flora and fauna of the area as well as management of the arid zone, soil conservation, solar energy and astronomy.

Platypus Conservation Initiative

As part of the Centre for Ecosystem Science, the Platypus Conservation Initiative conducts valuable research to reduce the risk of extinction, improve management of the species and increase awareness of this unique Australian enigma.

MyCoast NSW Study

The MyCoast NSW Study explores what the New South Wales community understands about coastal erosion and coastal inundation, as well as the driving forces behind these hazards: sea level rise and severe coastal storms.

Affiliated research centres

Sydney Institute of Marine Science

We’re a unique focal point for collaborative marine research and innovation, provision of marine research for policymakers and managers and research training and teaching in the marine sciences.
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The ARC Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity & Heritage

We undertake research that safeguards Australian national heritage, transforms research culture, connects communities and informs policy.
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The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes 

An international research consortium of five Australian universities and a network of outstanding national and international partner organisations supported by the Australian Research Council.
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Connected Waters Initiative

We’re a multidisciplinary groundwater research centre of international and national standing, which continually advances knowledge and management of groundwater resources.
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