Researchers in UNSW Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences have access to world-class computing via the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) facility.

This includes high-performance computing, petascale data and cloud computing. UNSW is a partner in NCI and has access to facilities, and additional resources are available via application. The peak machine, Gadi runs at 4.4 Pflops.

Our school centres also have access to significant computational and storage capacity. Researchers can use the UNSW computational cluster, Katana. With over 4000 CPU cores spread over a large number of compute nodes each with up to 1Tb of memory, Katana provides a flexible computing environment.

The Climate Change Research Centre also hosts computational servers and local storage of more than a petabyte. This support research ranges from large-scale data mining through to weather and climate modelling. UNSW also provides the archival capability for large data.