Joanna Buswell studied a Master of Science investigating rapid evolution of plants introduced to Australia and New Zealand, jointly through UNSW Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences and Victoria University (Wellington, NZ). Joanna now works as a freelance ecologist in New Zealand undertaking contract work for organisations such as the New Zealand Department of Conservation.

As a freelance ecologist, Joanna undertakes vegetation monitoring field work (building up botanical skills!), data management and is also working on New Zealand's response to myrtle rust.

“I enjoy working on a wide variety of projects and I can work from basically anywhere - as long as I have an internet connection and decent desk setup! This work builds on the skills I have built up both in my study and my previous jobs,” said Joanna.

Before this role, Joanna worked at the NZ Ministry for the Environment leading a science-based work programme centred on reporting carbon estimates of indigenous forest to the United Nations.