Evolution & Ecology Research Centre

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Our mission

The centre's purpose is to build capacity for and quality of research, including postgraduate research and supervision. To do so, we recognise excellence in research, learning and supervision, run an innovative graduate program in evolution and ecology, and engage in public outreach relating to evolution and ecology.


About us

The E & ERC draws together the diverse strengths of over fifty academic staff , independent research fellows and postgraduate students from across UNSW Science. We provide a cohesive and cooperative environment promoting evolution and ecology research and training.

Study with us

The graduate program of the E & ERC ensure collaboration between all members of the Centre. View our projects, supervision options and writing resources.

Our research

Our research investigates the intersection of how organisms interact with their biological and physical environment (ecology). From invasive species and overgrazing to infectious disease evolution and biodiversity, our research makes a lasting impact.

Contact us

Room 520, Level 5
Biological Sciences North (D26)
Sydney NSW 2052

Phone: +61 2 9385 9766
Fax: +61 2 9385 1558
Email: eerc@unsw.edu.au