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The centre's purpose is to build capacity for and quality of research, including postgraduate research and supervision.

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What is evolution?

Evolution is responsible for all of the biological diversity in the natural world and the fossil record. Evolution occurs within the context of ecological interactions between an organism and its environment. 

Evolution research 

The most exciting research in the whole organism biology is at the intersection of how organisms interact with their biological and physical environment (ecology) and the way in which these interactions affect adaptive change across generations (evolutionary biology). 

The purpose of our Evolution & Ecology Research Centre is to build capacity for the research and to improve the quality of research, including postgraduate research and supervision. There are 13 labs operating under the support of the research centre and more than 16 major research projects. 

In 2019, UNSW had 30 researchers who were included on the Clarivate Analytics Highly Cited Researchers List. Among these researchers were Evolution & Ecology Research Centre members Professor Shinichi Nakagawa, Professor David Warton and Associate Professor Will Cornwell. Read more about the award winners.  

In 2020, UNSW was ranked 43rd in the world in ecology in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU global subject rankings). This was up from our previous rank of 51st in 2019 and 75th in 2018. 

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