Our people

Orange Lacewing butterfly and an orchid flower (Cymbidium cultivar?) at Conservatory in the Cairns Botanic Gardens

Main Contacts

Director of the E&ERC Lee Rollins
Director of the E&ERC

Research Field: Invasion genetics, molecular ecology, evolution

Deputy Director, Graduate Program Russell Bonduriansky
Deputy Director, Graduate Program

Research Field: Plant ecology, evolutionary ecology, life history, ecological strategies

Primary Centre Members

Professor Stephen Bonser

Research Field: Plant ecology, evolutionary ecology, life history, ecological strategies

Scientia Professor Robert Brooks
Scientia Professor

Research Field: Sex, diet, death, evolution, behaviour, genetics, attractiveness

Professor Gerry Cassis

Research Field: Systematics, entomology, biogeography, coevolution, macroecology

Associate Professor Will Cornwell
Associate Professor

Research Field: Systems ecology

DECRA Fellow Szymon Drobniak
DECRA Fellow

Research Field: Evolutionary biology, Biostatistics

Associate Professor Daniel Falster
Associate Professor

Mathematical and computational Methods, Evolution, ecology, population dynamics, competition

Associate Dean Research Belinda Ferrari
Associate Dean Research
Associate Professor Michael Kasumovic
Associate Professor

Research Field: Evolution, ecology, videogames, behaviour, mating strategies

Professor Mike Letnic

Research Field: Ecology, wildlife management, conservation biology

Professor Shinichi Nakagawa

Evolution, ecology, genetics, behaviour, research synthesis

Associate Professor Terry Ord
Associate Professor
Emeritus Professor William Sherwin
Emeritus Professor

Molecular ecology, biodiversity, population genetic models

Senior Research Fellow Fabio Zanini
Senior Research Fellow

Affiliate Centre Members

Research Associates | Postdocs | Visiting Fellows

Research Fellow Kylie Cairns
Research Fellow

Conservation genetics and evolutionary biology. Particular strength in canid evolution and biogeography

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Research Assistant


Postdoc Research Associate
Research Fellow Malgorzata Lagisz
Research Fellow

Evolution, ecology, genetics, research synthesis, maternal effects

Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Researcher
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Postdoctoral Researcher
Adjunct Associate Lecturer