Dr Stanley Serafin
Senior Lecturer

Dr Stanley Serafin

BSc (Biomedical Engineering)

PhD (Biological Anthropology)

Medicine & Health
School of Biomedical Sciences

My research integrates osteological, archaeological and biogeochemical (radiocarbon, isotope, DNA, paleoclimate) data. This work is multidisciplinary in nature and involves close collaboration with local communities, archaeologists and other specialists from a variety of fields.

+61 (2) 9065 1808
Wallace Wurth Room 210
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My research specifically examines mortuary practices, body modification, diet and health data in skeletal remains from Maya archaeological sites in Yucatan, Tabasco and Chiapas, Mexico.

My Teaching

When I teach anatomy, I leverage my background in biological anthropology to nurture student curiosity about why the human body has the structure that it does. Rather than rote memorization of dry lists of facts, I teach students to approach the subject scientifically through the critical evaluation of evidence. Through hands-on learning with fossil casts and donor specimens as well as a variety of digital resources, students learn the evolutionary origins of different aspects of human anatomy and their clinical implications, modern human variability and the plasticity of the human body.

Courses taught:

  • ANAT2521 Biological Anthropology
  • ANAT2511 Fundamentals of Anatomy
  • ANAT2111 Introductory Anatomy
  • ANAT2451 Functional Anatomy for Health and Exercise Science
  • ANAT3131 Functional Anatomy of the Head, Neck and Back