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Recognition of research excellence

Each year, the E&ERC confers a series of research awards for outstanding performance in that year.

The full list of awards (as of 2023):

  • Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Postgraduate Researcher
  • Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Student Paper
  • Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Student Outreach
  • E&ERC Postgraduate Student Service Award
  • E&ERC Supervisor Excellence Award
  • Outstanding E&ERC Honours Student Award
  • Outstanding E&ERC Postdoctoral Award 
  • Outstanding E&ERC Support Staff Member 
  • Outstanding E&ERC Undergrad Student Service Award

Students and staff are encouraged to self-nominate or nominate colleagues, with the winners being announced at a special ceremony before the first E&ERC seminar of the year.

  • Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Postgraduate Researcher

    2023: Pietro Pollo

    2022: Patrice Pottier

    2021 Zoe Xirocostas

    2020 Suz Everingham and Katarina Stuart

    2019 Rose O'Dea

    2018 Claire Brandenburger

    2017 Kobe Martin

    2016 Floret Meredith

    2015 Nathan Burke

    2014 Si-Chong Chen

    2013 Rhiannon Dalrymple

    2012 Habacuc Flores Moreno

    2010 Tiffanie Nelson; Special Mention: Alexandra Campbell

    2009 Alex Jordan

    2008 Matthew Hall, Katherine Dafforn

    Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Student Paper

    2023: Samantha Burke

    2022: Joe Atkinson

    2021: Pietro Pollo

    2020 Catharina Vendl Runners up: Mathew Holland/Rosie Steinberg

    2019 Manon Sabot

    2018 Rose O'Dea

    2017 Amy Hooper, Runner up: Nathan Burke

    2016 Si-Chong Chen and Kobe Martin – Honourable mention to Justin Wan

    2015 Si-Chong Chen

    2014 Francis Hui

    2013 Joshua Griffiths

    2012 Catherine Price

    2011 Graeme Clark

    2010 Fiona Thomson

    2009 Lee Rollins

    2008 Matthew Hall

    Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Researcher 

    2023: Elizabeth Wenk 

    Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Postdoctoral Researcher 

    2022: Dr Isaac Towers

    2021 Dr Livia Gerber

    2020 Erin Macartney

    Outstanding Student Outreach in Evolution and Ecology

    2023: Caitlin Creak

    2022: Charlotte Simpson-Young

    2021: Thomas Mesaglio

    2020: Zoe Xirocostas

    2019 Casey Kirchoff

    2018 Cat Vendl and Suz Everingham

    2017 Claire Brandenburger

    2016 Valentin Heimhuber

    E&ERC Undergraduate and/or Postgraduate External Student Service Award

    2023: Shay Hirani (Undergrad)

    2023: Inna Osmolovsky

    2022: Elizabeth Surovic (Postgrad)

    2021 Anastasia Shavrova (Postgrad)

    2020 Jessica Tam (Undergrad)

    2019 Zoe Ford (Undergrad)

    2018 Scarlett Li-Williams (Undergrad)

    Outstanding E&ERC Supervisor

    2023: Lisa Shwanz

    2022: Lee Ann Rollins

    2020 Paul Gribben

    2019 Mark Browne

    2018 Will Cornwell

    2017 Jason Everett and Tracey Rogers 

    2016 Stephen Bonser

    2015 William Sherwin

    2014 Russell Bonduriansky - Special Mention to James Smith

    2013 Katherine Dafforn and Angela Moles

    2012 Rob Brooks

    2011 Emma Johnston

    2010 Russell Bonduriansky

    2009 Peter Banks

    Outstanding E&ERC Honours Student

    2023: Maddison Howie

    2022: Marcus Greenwood

    2021 Jess Tam

    Outstanding E&ERC Support Staff Member

    2023: Guy Taseski

    2022: Frank Hemmings

    2021 Mira van der Ley

    2020 Jess McConkey


    PRF - Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Presentation

    • Awarded to an outstanding oral presentation at the BEES Postgraduate Research Forum.
    • The outstanding presentation will be selected by a panel of academics, research fellows and postgraduate students. All students presenting in a given forum will be considered for the prize.

    May 2024 Winner: Coralie Williams

    Nov 2023 Winner: Jigmidmaa Boldbaatar

    May 2023 Winner: Georgia Badgery 

    August 2022 Winner: Soleille Miller

    Special Mention: Inna Osmolovsky and Rebecca Raynal

    December 2021 Winners: 

    Patrice Pottier | Is their future already written? Developmental plasticity and the fate of animals in a changing world.

    Niki Hubbard | In the spotlight: Impacts of artificial light at night on coastal marine invertebrates.

    August 2020 Winner: Jesse Bergman | The meta-organism response of a generalist coral exposed to differential accumulation of heat stress.

    Twitter Conference Award: Giancarlo Chiarenza 

    November 2019 Kat Stuart
    Joint runners-up: Claudia Crowther and Georgia Badgery 
    Twitter Conference Award: Fonti Kar
    Special mention: Suz Everingham
    BEES 3 Minute Thesis Competition Winner: Fonti Kar
    June 2019 Mitchell Hodgson
    Special mention: Ifeoma Uguwanyi 

    November 2018 Suz Everingham 
    Runner-up: Kat Stuart
    BEES 3 Minute Thesis Competition Winner: Justin Chan
    June 2018 Francesca Luberti
    Runner-up: Fonti Kar

    November 2017 Justin Chan
    Runner-up: Suz Everingham
    BEES 3 Minute Thesis Competition Winner: Claire Brandenburger
    June 2017 Fonti Kar
    Joint runners-up: Francesca Luberti and George Wood
    BEES 3 Minute Thesis Competition Winners: Aria Lee and Tino Heimhuber
    Runner-Up: Nathan Burke

    November 2016 Teagan Gale
    Joint runners-up: Rose O'Dea and Robbie Bishop Taylor
    June 2016 Hamish Craig

    November 2015 Floret Meredith
    June 2015 Kobe Martin
    Runner-up: Nathan Burke

    November 2014 Joshua Griffiths
    June 2014 Andrew Letten

    November 2013 Suzanna Evans
    June 2013 Si-Chong Chen

    November 2012 Habacuc Flores Moreno
    June 2012 Rhiannon Dalrymple

    November 2011 Margo Adler

    October 2010 Tegan Vanderlaan and Tiffanie Nelson
    June 2010 Mailie Gall

    October 2009 Ray Blick
    June 2009 Lyndon Alexander Jordan

    October 2008 Laura Warman


    Outstanding Evolution and Ecology Thesis

    2019 Claire Brandenburger
    2018 Nathan Burke
    2016 Stephanie Brodie
    2015 Rhiannon Dalrymple
    2014 Marlee Tucker
    2013 Katelyn Edge
    2012 Margo Adler
    2011 Lyndon Alexander Jordan and Laura Warman
    2010 Louise MacKenzie
    2008 David Roberts

    E&ERC Citation Classic Award

    2019 Will Cornwell - WK Cornwell, DD Ackerly. Community assembly and shifts in plant trait distributions across an environmental gradient in coastal California, Ecological Monographs 79 (1), 109-126. Cited 116 in 2019
    2017 Shinichi Nakagawa - Nakagawa, S & Schielzeth, H (2013) A general and simple method for obtaining R2 from generalized linear mixed-effects models. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 4: 133-142 [Link] 658 cites in 2017.
    2016 Shinichi Nakagawa - Nakagawa, S. & Cuthill, I. (2007) Effect size, confidence interval and statistical significance: a practical guide for biologists. Biological Reviews.82: 591-605. This paper is cited 197 times in 2016 (ISI Jan 2017).
    2015 Michael Kasumovic - 39 Web of Science, 48 Google Scholar - Lailvaux SP, Kasumovic, MM, Defining individual quality over lifetimes and selective contexts, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences 278 (1704, 321-328)
    2013 Will Cornwell - 74 citations in Web of Science - Cornwell, William K., et al. "Plant species traits are the predominant control on litter decomposition rates within biomes worldwide." Ecology Letters 11.10 (2008): 1065-1071
    2012 David Warton - 44 web of knowledge citations - Warton, David I.; Hui, Francis K.C. The arcsine is asinine: the analysis of proportions in ecology. ECOLOGY 92:1, 3-10    2011  DOI:10.1890/10-0340.1

    E&ERC Impact Paper Award

    2019 Erin Macartney - Macartney, E. L., Crean A. J., Nakagawa, S., Bonduriansky, R. 2019. Effects of nutrient limitation on sperm and seminal fluid: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Biological Reviews: 94, 1722 – 1739. 2018 impact factor 10.288

    2018 Khandis Blake - KR Blake, B Bastian, TF Denson, P Grosjean, RC Brooks. 2018. Income inequality not gender inequality positively covaries with female sexualisation on social media, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115 (35), 8722-8727. 2017 impact factor 9.504. Daniel Falster - DS Falster, RA Duursma, RG FitzJohn, How functional traits influence plant growth and shade tolerance across the life cycle, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (29), E6789-E6798. 2017 impact factor 9.504 & JS Camac, R Condit, RG FitzJohn, L McCalman, D Steinberg, M Westoby, S Joseph Wright, Daniel S Falster, Partitioning mortality into growth-dependent and growth-independent hazards across 203 tropical tree species, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (49), 12459-12464. 2017 impact factor 9.504. Shinichi Nakagawa - Gurevitch*, J., Koricheva*, J., Nakagawa*, S. & Stewart*, G. 2018. Meta-analysis and the science of research synthesis. Nature. 555: 175-182 (* denotes equal contribution, Shinichi is the corresponding author). Impact factor 41.577

    2017 William Sherwin - Sherwin WB, Chao A, Jost L, Smouse PE. 2017. Information Theory Broadens the Spectrum of Molecular Ecology and Evolution. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 32(12): 948 - 963 - ERA A or A*, 2016 Impact factors: 1-yr 15.268; 5-yr 18.35, 'Evolutionary Biology' 1/48, Ecology' 1/153

    2016 Jason Everett - Henschke, N., Everett, J.D., Richardson, A.J. and Suthers, I.M., 2016. Rethinking the Role of Salps in the Ocean. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 31(9), pp.720-733. 2015 Impact Factor - 16.735 5 year IF - 19.417

    2014 Angela Crean - Crean AJ, Kopps AM & Bonduriansky R (2014) Revisiting telegony: offspring inherit an acquired characteristic of their mother's previous mate. Ecology Letters 17: 1545-1552. ERA A* IF 17.794 ISI Rank 2/141 in Ecology Altmetric Score 302
    2013 Mike Garratt -Garratt M, Gaillard JM, Brooks RC, Lemaître JF. Diversification of the eutherian placenta is associated with changes in the pace of life. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 May 7;110(19):7760-5. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1305018110. Epub 2013 Apr 22. Impact factor 9.737
    2012 Alistair Poore - Poore, AGB, AH Campbell, RA Coleman, GJ Edgar, V Jormalainen, PL Reynolds, EE Sotka, JJ Stachowicz, RB Taylor, MA Vanderklift and JE Duffy. 2012. Global patterns in the impact of marine herbivores on benthic primary producers. Ecology Letters 15: 912-922. ERA classification: A* Impact factor: 17.557 Ranking within discipline: 1st from 134 journals in Ecology

    E&ERC Significant Collaboration Award

    2019 Kylie Cairns - Cairns, K.M., Nesbitt, B.J., Laffan, S.W. et al. Geographic hot spots of dingo genetic ancestry in southeastern Australia despite hybridisation with domestic dogs. Conserv Genet 21, 77–90 (2020). 
    2018 Hayden Schilling - Schilling HT, Reis-Santos P, Hughes JM, Smith JA, Everett JD, Stewart J, Gillanders BM, Suthers IM (2018) Evaluating estuarine nursery use and life history patterns of Pomatomus saltatrix in eastern Australia. Marine Ecology Progress Series
    2017 Mariana Mayer-Pinto - Mayer-Pinto, M; Johnston, EL; Bugnot, A; Glasby, TM; Airoldi, L; Mitchell, A; Dafforn, KA (2017). Building' blue': an eco-engineering framework for foreshore developments. Journal of Environmental Management 189: 109-114.
    2016 Krystle Keller - Paper nominated: Keller, K., Steffe, A.S., Lowry, M., Murphy, J.J., and Suthers, I.M. (2016) Monitoring boat-based recreational fishing effort at a nearshore artificial reef with a shore-based camera. Fisheries Research 181, 84–92
    2015 Stephanie Brodie - Brodie, S, Hobday AJ, Smith JA, Everett JD, Taylor MD, Gray CA, Suthers IM, Modelling the oceanic habitats of two pelagic species using recreational fisheries data, Fisheries Oceanography, 24:5, 463-477
    2012 Melanie Sun - Melanie Sun, Katherine Dafforn, Mark Brown and Emma Johnston - Sun MY, Dafforn KA, Brown MV & Johnston EL (2012) Bacterial communities are sensitive indicators of contaminant stress. Marine Pollution Bulletin 64(5): 1029-1038

    Crispin Rice Prize for Outreach and Communication in Evolution and Ecology

    2014 Nathan Burke
    2013 Tempe Adams
    2012 Margo Adler
    2011 Toni Ferrara (Williams)
    2010 Lyndon Alexander Jordan

    Outstanding Evolution and Evolution (Postgraduate) graphic

    2019 Rose O'Dea
    2016 Robbi Bishop-Taylor
    2015 Stephanie Brodie
    2014 Rhiannon Dalrymple

    Outstanding E&ERC Adjunct

    2020 Dr Tony Miskiewicz