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Succeed in today’s information age with mathematics and statistics. Explore a wide range of options from student societies to course information.

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Mathematics and statistics are at the core of all the sciences. Through our courses, you'll explore the depths of logical thought and creativity, shaping your understanding of the universe and our evolving society. Discover information on our programs and degrees as well as our postgraduate research and our unique student societies. 


Make your transition to student life as smooth as possible. Explore our course information guides, so you can choose the right courses to complete your degree.

Honours year

Your honours year in mathematics and statistics will involve coursework with an additional thesis component. Find out important information about admission, FAQs and courses.


Employers are seeking graduates with advanced knowledge, skills and problem-solving abilities who can play a critical role in decision making. Our postgraduate coursework degrees include Master of Financial Mathematics, Master of Mathematics and Master of Statistics.

Postgraduate research

Postgraduate research offers the opportunity to build on the knowledge gained from your Honours or Master degree. The school has a diverse and rich research community. Find out more about our postgraduate research programs.

Student services

If you’re looking for information and resources, explore our student services. You’ll find a high level of support from timetables and essential forms to wellbeing and assessment policies.

Student societies

UNSW Mathematics and Statistics is affiliated with several student societies representing the diverse areas of the school. These include, Mathematics, Data Science, Competitive Programming, Women in Science and Advanced Maths and Science. Find your tribe.
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