Visitor's guide

to the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW.

John Niland Scientia Building
This page contains information for anyone who plans to visit the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW Sydney. Whether you are coming on sabbatical, attending a conference, wanting to have a chat about postgraduate study or just dropping in, we hope that you will find what you need here.


The School of Mathematics and Statistics is located on the main Kensington campus of the University, about 8km south-east of the centre of Sydney. 

We are in the Anita B. Lawrence Centre (formerly Red Centre), map reference H13 on the UNSW Kensington campus map.

A range of other campus maps are accessible via the University's Campus Maps page.

The campus is bounded by Anzac Parade, High Street, Botany Street and Barker Street. Within the campus, the School of Mathematics and Statistics is spread over six levels of the centre and eastern wings of the Anita B. Lawrence Centre. The School Office/Reception and main administrative offices are located on the third floor.

Transport to UNSW Kensington Campus

It is important to note that public transport within Sydney is PREPAY only - hence an Opal Card needs to be purchased and charged with funds before boarding. This can be charged via the Opal machine at train stations or via the Opal mobile app.

Additionally, all advice below is subject to change based on traffic conditions, surge pricing and other factors that may disrupt normal transport services. 

  • Kingsford-Smith Airport at Mascot is located about 10km from UNSW and there are two recommended types of transport you can take to UNSW as shown below:

    • Taxi/Uber

    Cost: AUD 26-40

    Time: 10 min

    Information: It is important to note that Uber and taxis have a designated pickup area - separate from the general pickup. Pricing can also vary depending on traffic, surge pricing for peak times and types of vehicles. Taking an Uber or taxi would be more cost and time effective compared to a train - as trains direct from Sydney Airport, approximately AUD18, cost more than the average train fare ($3-5). There are no direct trains to UNSW, hence a bus fare from Green Square Station would be necessary in addition the train.  

    • Bus

    Cost: AUD 6-10

    Time: 45 min

    Information: The quickest route with the most frequent buses to reach UNSW from the airport is to take the 350 from the Domestic Terminal T3 to Anzac Pde at Garden Lane. From there walk to Pacific Square, Anzac Pde to board the 390X to High St (opposite UNSW Gate 2). There are many other alternative bus routes that can be taken - hence it is recommended to use Google Maps (filter to Public Transport option) to identify the next available route.

  • The introduction of the new light rail services in the Sydney CBD now means that buses are no longer the recommended method. Light rail services L2 and L3 to UNSW can be boarded every 8 minutes at Central Chalmers light rail station. This trip will take 17 minutes and requires an Opal Card.

    Alternatively, a taxi/Uber from Central Railway Station takes a similar time and costs around $20. 

  • The bus route 396 travels from Circular Quay Alfred St, Stand B to UNSW Mall Entrance, Anzac Pde. This service runs every 10 minutes and is a 29-minute trip to UNSW.

    The L2 and L3 light rail services from Circular Quay light rail station runs every 8 minutes and is a 36-minute ride to UNSW.

  • The 390X bus can be boarded from Bronte Rd at Gray St and travels to the UNSW Gate 8, High St. This trip is 27 minutes and this bus runs in 8-minute intervals.


  • Parking is restricted on campus and subject to charges.

    Please see the UNSW Parking on Campus webpage for info. We can usually arrange complimentary parking for visitors who are attending conferences and seminars if we are given a few days' warning - contact your host/organiser.

    Longer-term and regular visitors are advised to download and use the CelloPark AU app - see the UNSW Parking on Campus webpage for all details. This is charged at $8/day.

    The most appropriate entrance for visitors to the School of Mathematics and Statistics is Gate 14 (see map) on Barker Street. 

  • Taxis and Ubers are plentiful throughout the CBD and Eastern Suburbs around the University. 

    If you have three or more people travelling, or if there is not a direct bus available, taxis or Ubers are a convenient and economical way of travelling around the Eastern Suburbs. If you catch a taxi/Uber to the University, ask the driver to drop you either at the main gate on Anzac Pde or Gate 14 (see map) on Barker Street. It's also possible for cars to drive up to the east wing of the Anita B. Lawrence Centre building - look for the Engineering Walk on the campus map.


As with most large cities, accommodation in Sydney can be expensive. Accommodation prices also fluctuate throughout the year. The options available can vary with the time of year and how far in advance you book, so we recommend that you contact your host for advice. On-campus accommodation is usually in short supply. 

  • For visits of a few days to a few weeks, Airbnb, a local hotel, motel or guesthouse is usually the best option. For a slightly longer stay, renting a holiday apartment near the beach is often more comfortable. UNSW has negotiated preferential rates with a number of local 4 and 5 star hotels. Your host or School administrative staff should be able to assist in finding quotes.

  • Finding accommodation for a stay of several months can be difficult. The best option, if it can be arranged, is to stay in the home of a local staff member who is away. Another possibility is to share an apartment, if you can find a suitable roommate. Visit the Accommodation Office to see lists of places to rent and share. 

  • People coming for six months or longer have the option to rent a house or an apartment. Finding furnished apartments is difficult, so it is wise to start looking early, particularly if you are planning to arrive near the start of Trimester (Feb/May/Sept) when you would have to compete with students. We recommend that you book into temporary accommodation when you first arrive, and then investigate longer term housing options. To get an idea of local prices and options, visit the Accommodation Office.


On campus there are a number of food outlets serving a wide range of food. There is also an IGA Supermarket on lower campus which stocks basic groceries and essentials. 

Restaurants abound in the surrounding suburbs of Randwick, Kingsford, and Kensington, and range from fast food to fine dining establishments. Inexpensive choices include Thai, Indonesian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Modern Australian cuisine (often a fusion of many of the above with an emphasis on fresh, quality, local produce). Typically, restaurants are BYO - Bring Your Own - which means that you can take you own wine or beer. Many restaurants in Kingsford have lunch specials for AUD 10-15. Dinner can cost anything from AUD 15-50+ per person depending on the choice of restaurant.