Research grants

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Grants commencing in 2024

  • F Chen, T Stindl, W Dunsmuir, J Zhuang, Inference for Hawkes processes with challenging data ($463,452)

    F Kuo, I Sloan, High Dimensional Approximation, Learning, and Uncertainty ($572,908)

    B Taji, S Kovacs, Deformation of singularities through Hodge theory and derived categories ($463,261)

    F Hui, P Menéndez, D Warton, S Woolley, S Foster, Modern statistical methods for clustering community ecology data ($401,287), through Australian National University


  • M Dressler, New Frontiers in Large-Scale Polynomial Optimisation (2024-2026: $370,237)

Grants commencing in 2023

  • S. Meikle, Y. Fan, A. Reader, Ultra-sensitive 3D molecular assays using total body PET and deep learning ($568,000), through University of Sydney

    I. Shparlinski, B. Kerr, Ubiquity of Kloosterman sums in Number Theory and Beyond ($389,000)

    A. Ostafe, I. Shparlinski, Pseudorandomness in Number Theory, Dynamics and Cryptography ($427,000)

    D. Zanin, F. Sukochev, N. Higson, A Functional Analysis of the Hypoelliptic Laplacian ($415,000)


  • S. Keating, M. Roughan, G. Brassington, M. Cahill, G. Kallis, Next-generation ocean current forecasting to improve maritime safety ($389,674)

Grants commencing in 2022

  • D. Chan, New frontiers in the theory of noncommutative surfaces (2022-2024: $426,000)

    J. Li, T.A. Bui, X.T. Duong, M. Cowling, A. Ottazzi, B. Wick, Harmonic analysis of Laplacians in curved spaces (2022-2024: $375,000), through Macquarie University

    J. Dick, T. Tran, Q.T. Le Gia, Novel Mathematics and Efficient Computational Techniques for Human Vision (2022-2024: $412,000)

    C.G. Tokman, G. Froyland, A. Quas, What predictions can I trust? Stability of chaotic random dynamical systems (2022-2024: $341,000), through The University of Queensland     

    N. Wormald, A. Liebenau, Enumeration and random generation of contingency tables with given margins (2022-2024: $322,000), through Monash University   

    S. Sisson, B. Beranger, New methods for modelling real-world extremes (2022-2024: $405,000)     

  • B. Kerr, New techniques for exponential sums over low degree polynomials (2022-2024: $354,000)

  • S. Vasan and R. Chandra et al., COVID-19 vaccine testing research, NHMRC Medical Research Future Fund (2021-2022: $1,000,000)

  • F. Sukochev and D. Zanin, Analytic Foundations of Hypoelliptic Laplacians ($30,000)

  • R. Chandra, Bayesian deep learning with data fusion for spatiotemporal forecasting ($15,000)

    L. Zhao, Zeros of L-functions via Mean Value Theorems ($15,000)

  • A. Schaeffer, M. Roughan, K. Pitt, A. Poore, S. Aijaz, M. Campey, S. Daw, T. Ingleton, J. Lawes, A. Molcard, Bluebottle dynamics: towards a prediction tool for Surf Life Saving Australia (2022-2024: $441,371)

  • S. Vasan, R. Chandra et al., “Strengthening COVID-19 animal models and regulatory science using a systems biology approach” (FDABAA-21-00123), United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (2022-2024: $2,000,000 USD)

    G. Froyland, Coherent dynamics in complex systems with applications to engineering, geophysical, and social systems, Einstein Visiting Fellowship, funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin (2022-2024: €440,000)

Grants commencing in 2021

  • M. Banner, P. Sullivan, Role of modulating water wave groups in enhancing air-water fluxes (2021-2023: $465,992)

    I. Young, M. Banner, A. Toffoli, The Spectral Evolution of Ocean Swell (2021-2023: $469,000), through University of Melbourne

    A. Coster, M. Vlasiou, M. Boon, The mathematics of stochastic transport and signalling in cells (2021-2023: $435,000)

    G. Froyland, Modern mathematics to unravel the birth of coherence in dynamical systems (2021-2023: $440,000)

    N.Jones, M. Rayson, S. Keating, G. Ivey, Quantifying vertical and lateral ocean transport due to fronts and eddies (2021-2023: $772,000), through University of Western Australia

    F. Kuo, I. Sloan, High Dimensional Computation and Uncertainty (2021-2023: $630,000)

    V. Jeyakumar, G. Li, J. Lasserre; M. Goberna; I. Bomze, Data-Driven Multistage Robust Optimization - The New Frontier in Optimization (2021-2023: $400,000)

    M. Holzer, N. Bindoff, R. Matear; F. Primeau, Changes in the ocean's biological pump: innovative models and diagnostics (2021-2023: $426,000)

    D. Warton, J. Stoklosa, Innovative statistical methods for analysing high-dimensional counts (2021-2023: $410,000)

  • M. England, J. Zika, J. Church, L. Menviel, A. Sen Gupta, D. Waugh (Partner Investigator) and others (2021-2025: $20,000,000), through the University of Tasmania

  • D. Chan ($25,000)

    F. Sukochev and D. Zanin ($25,000)

  • S. Boufous, J. Olivier, A. Williamson, Improving strategies for prevention of serious road traffic injury involving children through enhanced analysis of the causes of crashes ($150,000), in partnership with the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation

Grants Commencing in 2020

  • C. Angstmann, B. Henry, New mathematics to improve understanding of anomalously diffusing reactions

    S. Morrison, J. Tener, P. Grossman, A. Brothier, Physical realisation of enriched quantum symmetries, through Australian National University

    A. Ostafe, I. Shparlinski, Multiplicative structure of rational functions

    V. Roshchina, R. Cominetti; H-K Xu, Geometry in projection methods and fixed-point theory

    W. Schief, A. Bobenko, Multi-dimensionally consistent integrable systems in geometry and algebra

    B. Goldys, T. Tran, K. N. Le, Mathematics for breaking limits of speed and density in magnetic memories, through University of Sydney

  • J. Zika, M. Reeder, J. Arblaster, J. Brown, B. Evans, A. Hogg, N. Holbrook, C. Jakob, F. Johnson, M. Kay, T. Lane, C. Shakespeare, S. Sherwood, C. Vincent, P. Strutton, Fast Disk Storage to Enable Big Data Science in Weather, Oceans and Climate (2020: 580,000), through Monash University

  • J. Pimanda, M. Polizzotto, M. Hertzberg, A. Wei, M. Dawson, R. Lock, A. Unnikrishnan, J. Olivier, C. Fong, P. Campbell, AZA+: A multi-site phase 1/2 dose escalation/expansion trial combining azacitidine and defactinib for high-risk myelodysplastic syndrome patients who fail to respond to azacitidine alone (2020-2025: $3,328,736)

  • D. Chan

    M. Holzer

    D. Warton and J. Stoklosa

  • S. Cripps, R. Chandra, et al., ARC training centre in data analytics for resources and environments (ARC ITTC DARE), (2020-2024: \$4,000,000 from ARC; and \$6,500,000 in-kind support from industry)

    G. Froyland, How does turbulence work? Formation and destruction of coherent fluid parcels”, Universities Australia - Germany Joint Research Cooperation Scheme (2020-2021: $23,020)

Grants Commencing in 2019

  • C. Greenhill, B. McKay, M. Isaev, Hypergraph models for complex discrete systems (2019-2021: $420,000)

    G. Li, B. Mordukhovich, R. Bot, Innovations in sparse optimisation: big data nonsmooth optimisation (2019-2021: $330,000)

    T. Tran, J. Dick, M. Feischl, D Praetorius, A Prohl, Novel mathematics and numerical methods for ferromagnetic problems (2019-2021: $315,000)

    J. Zika, J. Church; J. Gregory, X. Zhang, Ocean heat content change and its impact on sea level (2019-2021: $419,000)

    T. Leistner, M. Eastwood, J. Kress, A. Gover, Symmetry and geometric partial differential equations (2019-2021: $380,000), through Adelaide University

  • M. Sha, Linear recurrence sequences over function fields and their applications (2019-2021: $333,924)

  • L. Zhao, Mean Value Theorems in Analytic Number Theory ($20,000)

  • R. Herbert, I. Novak, C. Rae, D. Warton, B. Bolsterlee, C. Morgan, Muscle growth and muscle contracture in cerebral palsy (2019-2023: $933,605.30) 

  • T. Britz, A combinatorial foundation for the theory of locally distributed networks ($7,000)

    D. Chan, Moduli stacks in noncommutative algebra ($7,400)

    F. Chen, Statistical Inference Theory for a New Point Process Model ($7,000)

    I. Doust ($7,000)

    J. Du, Quantum groups arising Hecke endomorphism algebras ($5,000)

    Y. Fan ($7,000)

    G. Geenens, Independence testing based on ‘copula-distance-correlation’ ($7,000)

    B. Henry ($10,000)

    S. Keating, Novel data-driven techniques for the next generation of Earth-observing satellites ($7,000)

    P. Lafaye de Micheaux, Novel statistical methods for the analysis of high-dimensional data ($5,000)

    P. Lafaye de Micheaux, S. Penev, Complex dependence modelling to unravel relationships in Neuroimaging ($9,000)

    L. Li ($5,750)

    W. Schief, The geometry and algebra of multi-dimensionally consistent discrete integrable systems ($5,000)

    M. Voineagu ($6,500)

    L. Zhao, Mean Value Theorems in Analytic Number Theory ($5,000)

  • C. Tisdell, How effective is on-demand, on-line academics support and feedback? ($8,000)

  • N. Wildberger, Enhancing Post Graduate Research in Mathematics in Cambodia ($8,500)

  • J. Hatfield, S. Boufous, R. Friswell, J. Olivier, A. Williamson. Development and application of a young driver evaluation framework and toolset,” Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (2019-2020, $177,266), through Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research Centre

Grants Commencing in 2018

  • G. Froyland, C. Gonzalez Tokman, S. Vaienti, E. van Sebille, New mathematics to quantify fluctuations and extremes in dynamical systems (2018-2020: $401,679)

    V. Jeyakumar, G. Li, J. Lasserre, D. Henrion, New mathematics for multiextremal optimization and diffusion tensor imaging (2018-2020: $401,706)

    F. Kuo, I. Sloan, Towards a science of high dimensional computation (2018-2020: $401,706)

    Q. Le Gia, I. Sloan, Z. Brzezniak, Uncertainty on spheres and shell: mathematics and methods for applications (2018-2020: $386,828)

    J. Murray, Determining features that separate groups of protein sequences (2018-2020: $297,478)

    A. Ostafe, J. Roberts, I. Shparlinski, J. Silverman, F. Vivaldi, Arithmetic and algebraic aspects of the dynamics of polynomial semigroups (2018-2020: $401,706)

    D. Warton, Innovative tools for new insights from point event data in ecology (2018-2020: $371,923)

    P. Kim, F. Frascoli, A. Coster, C-O. Yun, Dynamical systems theory and mathematical modelling of viral infections (2018-2020: $401,706), through the University of Sydney

    N. Wormald, A. Liebenau, Enumeration and properties of large discrete structures (2018-2020: $388,975), through Monash University

    J. Ugon, M. López Cerdá, N. Sukhorukova, V. Roshchina, J.-P. Crouzeix, N. Dyn, An optimisation-based framework for non-classical Chebyshev approximation (2018-2020: $362,045), through Deakin University

  • M. Roughan, C. Kerry, S. Keating, C. Holden, B. Powell, D. Johnson, An end-to-end ocean weather information system for the blue economy (2018-2020: \$440,000 from ARC; \$200,000 industry co-investment)


    J. Lavroff, D. Holloway, S. Penev, P. Del Moral, D. Dessi, G. Thomas, G. Davidson, T. Roberts, Remote sensing to improve structural efficiency of high-speed catamarans (2018-2021: $460,000.00), through the University of Tasmania

  • R. O’Brien, J-J. Sonke, S. Vinod, G. Froyland, C-C. Shieh, Very fast, accurate and low dose imaging for radiotherapy treatments (2018-2020: $650,651)

  • L. Zhao, Mean value theorems in analytic number theory ($20,000)

  • M. Banner, A new dimension in quantifying fundamental air-sea fluxes ($5,000)

    D. Chan, Moduli stacks in noncommutative algebra and algebraic geometry ($3,000)

    L. Chan, Pricing and hedging derivatives for multi-factor asset pricing models ($5,000)

    F. Chen, Asymptotic inferences for nonstationary self-exciting processes ($7,000)

    A. Coster, Does GLUT4 queue to get to the surface?  New mathematical analyses ($5,000)

    J. Du, Stratifying Hecke Endomorphism Algebras ($5,000)

    Y. Fan, Advancing Bayesian quantile regression:  With application to big data ($5,000)

    B. Henry, Shining new light on subdiffusion ($10,000)

    M. Holzer, Revealing changes in Southern Ocean ventilation ($5,000)

    S. Keating, Inter-comparison of western boundary currents in the global ocean ($6,200)

    J. Kress, Symmetry and geometric partial differential equations ($2,500)

    P. Lafaye de Micheaux, G. Geenens, S. Penev, Unravelling relationships in big data: complex dependence modelling ($13,300)

    L. Li, Parametrix method and probability laws of path functional of stochastic differential equations ($7,000)

    W. McLean, Efficient numerical simulation of anomalous transport phenomena ($5,000)

    J. Roberts, Discrete integrable systems ($2,500)

    J. Stoklosa, Statistical methods for large and complex ecological data ($5,000)

    T. Tran, Numerical methods for optimal control problems with uncertainties ($10,000)

    M. Voineagu, Bredon cohomology of a point and semi-topological equivalent invariants ($5,000)

    N. Wildberger, Metrical Geometry over Alternative Arithmetical Systems ($5,000)

    L. Zhao, Mean value theorems in analytic number theory ($5,000)

    J. Zika, Addressing the challenge of regional sea-level projection ($5,000)

  • M. Banner, Forecasting production of sea salt aerosols on the Australian coast ($21,000)

  • J. Pimanda, M. Hertzberg, J. Olivier, Dr M Polizzotto, Evaluating in vivo aza incorporation in mononuclear cells following injection aza or cc486, Celgene (2018-2021: $1,920,000), through Prince of Wales Clinical School

Grants Commencing in 2017

  • F. Sukochev, Breakthrough methods for noncommutative calculus (2017-2022: $2,107,500)

  • M. Cowling, Homogeneous metric spaces (2017: \$107,000; 2018: \$99,000; 2019: \$80,000)

    P. Grossman, D. Evans, M. Izumi, Quadratic fusion categories: a new frontier in subfactor theory (2017: \$93,259, 2018: \$128,500, 2019: \$96,384)

    I. Shparlinski, Additive combinatorics, arithmetic algebraic geometry and finite fields (2017: \$117,000, 2018:  \$108,000, 2019: \$120,000)

    F. Sukochev, D. Potapov, A. Carey, New methods in spectral geometry (2017: \$131,500, 2018: \$121,500; 2019: \$135,000)

    J. Brown, L. Bilston, J. Charlton, S. Koppel, L. Keay, J. Olivier, Design features critical for correct use of child car restraints (2017-2019: \$423,500), through the School of Medical Sciences, UNSW

  • M. Feischl, Optimal adaptivity for uncertainty quantification (2017:  \$103,903; 2018:  \$103,803; 2019: $106,258)

    A. Liebenau, Advances in graph Ramsey theory (2017:  \$110,607; 2018:  \$109,328; 2019:  $111,438)

  • S. Sisson, Frontiers in Data Science:  Analysing Distribution as Data (2017-2021: $1,001,192)

  • S. Turville, T. Hope, A. Vallely, D. MacLaren, A. Carr, J. Murray, C. Liu, Resolving Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) transmission (2017-2019: $745,213)

  • R. O'Brien, G. Froyland, J. Booth, P. Bannon, F. Hegi-Johnson, High Precision Radiotherapy: Dual Cardiac and Respiratory Motion Management (2017-2019: $597,000) through the University of Sydney

  • J. Dick, Modern techniques in quasi-Monte Carlo theory and computation ($40,000)

    J. Du, Presenting and extending Hecke endomorphism algebra ($41,528)

    M. Holzer, Revealing changes in Southern Ocean ventilation: New fundamental approaches ($40,000)

    V. Jeyakumar, G. Li, C. Thai Doan, Numerically Certifiable Mathematics for Multi-Extremal Global Optimization ($40,000)

    I.H. Sloan, Q.T. Le Gia, Uncertainty on spheres and shells: mathematics and methods for applications ($40,000)

  • G. Froyland, Robust detection and prediction of coherent structures in geophysical, physical, and chemical systems, Australia-Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme (2017-2018: $24,000)

    L.R. Jorm, A. Blance, R. Parker, B. Hanh, T. Churches, S. Sisson, S. Pearson, J.A. Shepherd, P. Straka, S. Lujic, Health Data Analytics Training Materials, Department of Health/Commonwealth Government Contract ($1,176,774) 

    P. Straka, How to predict extremes when events occur in bursts, Australia-Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme (2017: $5,300)

  • C. Angstmann & W. McLean, Mathematics and computation of reaction-subdiffusion in growing cells ($5,000)

    M. Banner, A new dimension in quantifying fundamental air-sea fluxes ($5,000)

    Z. Botev & S. McNamara, New methodology for visualization of big data: EM algorithms and beyond ($5,000)

    T. Britz, Demi-matroids and Tutte polynomials: The next chapter on matroids and codes ($5,000)

    L. Chan, Pricing exotic options under Stochastic Volatility model with Regime switching: A Saddlepoint ($5,000)

    F. Chen, Challenges in statistical inference for a new point process model ($7,000)

    A. Coster, Connecting continuous and discrete – Hybrid mathematical modelling of biological transport processes ($8,000)

    I. Doust, Gap measures and the structures of metric spaces ($7,000)

    Y. Fan, Model-based simulation and clustering of massive data from galactic archaeology ($10,000)

    G. Froyland, Variability and extremes in nonautonomous chaotic dynamical systems ($5,000)

    G. Geenens, Better statistical analyses through cutting-edge nonparametric copula modelling ($6,000)

    C. Greenhill, Solving problems in probabilistic combinatorics using insights from statistical physics ($5,000)

    B. Henry & C. Angstmann, Theory and experiments on stochastic resonance in subdiffusive media ($5,000)

    S. Keating, Unravelling ocean filaments, fronts, and vortices at kilometre scales ($5,000)

    J. Kress, Symmetry and superintegrability of geometric differential equations ($2,500)

    A. Ostafe, Unlikely Intersections in algebraic Dynamics ($6,500)

    M. Voineagu, Etale equivariant motivic cohomology and the persistent Euler-Poincare characteristic ($5,000)

    D. Warton, Innovative approaches to hierarchical vegetation classification ($5,000)

    N. Wildberger, Building a computational environment for Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries over finite fields ($6,500)

    L. Zhao, Zeros of L-functions, large sieve and primes by quadratic forms ($5,000)

  • T. Senserrick, S. Boufous, J. Hatfield, J. Olivier, A Williamson, GJ Knight, Evaluation of the NSW Motorcycle Graduated Licencing System, Transport for New South Wales (2017-2018: $211,098), through Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research Centre

Grants Commencing in 2016

  • S. Penev, P. Shevchenko, Frontiers in inference about risk (2016:  \$113,600; 2017:  \$110,100; 2018:  \$120,000

    S. Sisson, D. Nott, Frontiers in Bayesian methods for computationally intractable models (2016:  \$117,400; 2017:  \$144,600; 2018:  \$142,000)

    T. Tran, B. Goldys, Z Brzezniak, A. Prohl, E. Stephan, S. Meddahi, Novel approaches for problems with uncertainties (2016:  \$116,600; 2017:  \$110,100; 2018:  \$120,000)

    J. Westbrook, J. Braithwaite, W. Dunsmuir, The nature and consequences of interruptions and multi-tasking (2016 – 2018:  \$462,628), through Macquarie University

  • I. Jonsen, R. Harcourt, I. Suthers, M. Roughan, M. Doblin, D. Slip, M. Cox, Resolving the warming East Australia Current’s impact on a marine food web (2016:  \$54,800; 2017:  \$80,589; 2018: \$78,056), through Macquarie University

  • D. Harvey, Counting points on algebraic surfaces (2016:  \$99,573; 2017:  \$200,419; 2018:  \$201,789; 2019:  \$202,109; 2020:  \$101,166)

  • P. Straka, Predicting extremes when events occur in bursts (2016:  \$98,112; 2017:  \$98,112; 2018:  \$98,112)

  • J. Franklin, Resolving the puzzles of probability: by Aristotelian realist philosophy

    I. Shparlinski, Additive combinatorics, algebraic geometry and finite fields

  • P. Grossman, Quadraticfusion categories: a new frontier in subfactor theory

    B. Henry (& P. Reece, Physics), Stochastic Resonance in Sub-diffusive Media: Theory and Experiment 

    M. Holzer, Revealing changes in Southern Ocean ventilation: New fundamental approaches

    M. Roughan, S. Keating, Unveiling the submesoscale ocean using super-resolved satellite observations 

  • Z. Botev, Perfect simulation in the Bayesian LASSO model ($8,365)

    L. Li, Parametrix expansion for density of stopping times ($6,238)

    A. Ostafe, Algebraic dynamical systems in positive characteristic ($8,364)

    P. Straka, How to predict extremes when events occur in bursts ($7,238)

  • C. Angstmann, Mathematical modelling of sub-diffusion and morphology of archael cells ($5,000)

    M. Banner, Space-time properties of steep and breaking ocean waves ($5,000)

    L. Chan, Pricing of long dated equity-linked life insurance contracts ($5,000)

    F. Chen, New models and inference methodologies for analysis of sequences of repeated events ($5,000)

    A. Coster, GLUT4 translocation: mathematics of insulin control ($11,000)

    I. Doust, Combinatorial optimization in distance geometry ($7,000)

    J. Du, A finite dimensional approach to quantum supergroups ($7,000)

    G. Geenens, Novel nonparametric copula-density-based techniques for better statistical analyses ($6,000)

    V. Jeyakumar, Numerically certifiable mathematics for global optimization ($5,000)

    J. Kress, Symmetries, superintegrability, and conformal geometry ($6,000)

    Q. Le Gia, Spheres, Hyperspheres and Spherical Shells: Approximations and Applications ($11,000)

    G. Li, First-order methods for solving structured large-scale nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization problems: when optimization meets big data ($8,000)

    H. Lian, Structure discovery and variable selection in semiparametric models ($7,500)

    S. McNamara, Mathematical modelling of sub-diffusion and morphology of archael cells ($5,000)

    J. Murray, determining the combination of HIV therapeutics to best achieve eradication ($5,000)

    J. Olivier, Effect sizes for measures of risk in epidemiology and transformations to other effect sizes ($5,200)

    M. Voineagu, Equivariant motivic invariants and equivariant K-theory ($6,000)

  • J. Olivier, Systematic review of the impact of bicycle helmet use and legislation on cycling injury and participation, Swedish Transport Administration (2016-2017: $179,080)

    J. Stoklosa, G. Cassis, Heteroptera-plant interactions as a next generation indicator for the Bush Blitz program, Australian Biological Resources Study ($40,000)

  • T. Senserrick, S. Boufous, J. Hatfield, J. Olivier, Queensland's Graduated Licensing System (GLS), Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (2016-2017: $126,063), through Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research Centre

Grants Commencing in 2015

  • T. McDougall, Ocean mixing processes and innovation in oceanographic models (2015:  \$287,967; 2016:  \$570,132.50; 2017:  \$565,923.00; 2018:  \$559,195.00; 2019:  \$531,327.00; 2020:  \$255,889.50)

  • J. Dick, F. Kuo, I. H. Sloan, B. Giles, M. Griebel, Quantifying uncertainty: Innovations in high dimensional computation (2015:  \$140,000; 2016:  \$115,100; 2017:  \$120,000)

    G. Froyland, M. Dellnitz, O. Junge, A. Quas, Discovery and tracking of coherent structures in geophysical flows (2015:  \$85,000; 2016:  \$81,500; 2017:  \$85,000)

    D. M. Harvey, Fast algorithms for zeta functions of algebraic varieties, (2015:  \$110,000; 2016:  \$105,500; 2017:  \$110,000)

    F. Sukochev, D. Potapov, J. J. Dykema, Schur decompositions and related problems in operator theory (2015:  \$127,000; 2016:  \$121,800; 2017:  \$130,000; 2018:  \$130,000)

    D. I. Warton, Advances in biodiversity modelling and analysis of high-dimensional counts (2015:  \$100,000; 2016:  \$95,900; 2017:  \$100,000)

  • M. Roughan, A. Jeff, G. Liggins, M. Coleman, A unique integrated approach to predicting fisheries recruitment (2015:  \$45,000; 2016:  \$95,000; 2017:  \$110,000; 2018:  \$60,000)

    D. Keith, S. Phinn, R. Elith, D. Warton, D. Connolly, Advancing vegetation classification and mapping to meet conservation needs (2015:  \$72,331; 2016:  \$178,128.50; 2017:  \$205,797.50; 2018:  \$100,000)

  • D. Zanin, A new concept of independence in noncommutative probability theory (2015: \$100,000; 2016: \$100,000; 2017:  \$100,000)

  • R. O’Brien, G. Froyland, J-J. Sonke, P. Keall, Reducing thoracic imaging dose and improving image quality in radiotherapy treatments (2015-2017: $458,459) through the University of Sydney

  • M.L. Banner, A new dimension in quantifying fundamental air sea fluxes ($30,000)

    A. Coster, Insulin action: the mathematics of metabolism ($30,000)

    M. Holzer, Revealing the Southern Ocean's changing connection with the atmosphere ($30,000)

    T. Tran, Novel Approaches for Problems with Uncertainties ($30,000)

  • M. Voineagu, Equivariant motivic cohomologies ($25,000)

  • Z. Botev, Can we estimate the volume of irregular polytopes? ($4,980)

    L. Li, Small time and large strike asymptotic for implied volatility in the Heston model ($6,700)

    A. Ostafe, Unlikely Intersections in Algebraic Dynamical Systems over Finite Fields ($6,700)

    P. Straka, Extreme value statistics for unevenly spaced observations ($6,700)

    J. Wang, An assessment of compulsory cycle helmet legislation in New Zealand ($6,700)

    J. Wishart, Practical tools for wavelet estimation in multichannel noisy deconvolution models ($6,700)

  • C. Angstmann, Anomalous diffusion models for reactions within biological cells ($5,000)

    T. Britz, Demi-matoids and Tutte polynomials: The next chapter on matroids and codes ($5,000)

    A. Cai, Mathematical modeling of mitochondria mutations ($5,000)

    F. Chen, Testing for the existence of excitation effects in recurrent event data ($8,000)

    P. Del Moral, Advanced Monte Carlo algorithms in Statistics and computational Physics ($5,000)

    J. Du, Quantum linear and queer superalgebras and their representations ($5,000)

    Y. Fan, Fast, approximate Bayesian methods for dynamic positron emission tomography ($5,000)

    G. Geenens, Flexible estimation of multivariate densities combining pair-copula construction and innovative nonparametric assessment of dependence structures ($5,000)

    V. Jeyakumar, Multiobjective optimization in the face of data uncertainty ($5,000)

    S. Keating, Unravelling the submesoscale: New methods for deriving enhanced satellite observations of the ocean ($5,000)

    J. Kress, Applications of the algebraic variety of superintegrable systems ($5,000)

    Q. Le Gia, Meshless methods for direct and inverse problems on spheres and surfaces ($8,000)

    G. Li, Splitting methods for nonconvex structured optimization problems:  Convergence Analysis and Applications ($5,000)

    T. McDougall, Ocean mixing processes: innovation in oceanographic methods ($5,000)

    S. McNamara, Robustness of biochemical oscillations to intrinsic and extrinsic fluctuations ($5,000)

    J. Olivier, Improved methods for estimating causal effects from population-based intervention such as mandatory helmet legislation and gun use restrictions ($5,000)

    S. Penev, Frontiers in inference about risk ($5,000)

    S. Sisson, Statistical methods for very large datasets: Models for approximate data ($5,000)

    N. Wildberger, Conics and inversions in hyperbolic geometries ($5,000)

Grants Commencing in 2014

  • M. Cowling, Generalised conformal mappings (2014:  \$87,380; 2015: \$120,000; 2016: \$135,000)

    C.S. Greenhill, B.D. McKay, A new model for random discrete structures: distributions, counting and sampling (2014: \$150,000; 2015: \$110,000; 2016: \$125,000)

    B.I. Henry, W.C. McLean, K.A. Mustapha, Advanced mathematical modelling and computation of fractional sub-diffusion problems in complex domains (2014: \$115,000; 2015: \$115,000; 2016: \$115,000)

    J.A. Roberts, R. Quispel, F.W. Nijhoff, A. Hone, New frontiers and advances in discrete integrable systems (2014: \$134,000; 2015: \$134,000; 2016: \$134,000)

    M. Roughan, P.R. Oke, B. Powell, Advancing dynamical understanding in the east Australian current: Optimizing the ocean observing and prediction effort (2014: \$60,000; 2015: \$75,000; 2016: \$45,000)

    W.K. Schief, Discrete projective differential geometry: Comprehensive theory and integrable structure (2014: \$120,000; 2015: \$125,000; 2016: \$135,000)

    F. Sukochev, A.L. Carey, The boundaries of index theory (2014: \$120,000; 2015: \$120,000; 2016: \$125,000)

    S. Morrison, P. Grossman, V. Jones, Symmetries of subfactors (2014: \$120,000; 2015: \$110,000; 2016: \$130,000), through ANU

    I. Shparlinski, B.P. Mans, New Applications of Additive Combinatorics in Number Theory and Graph Theory (2014: \$317,286; 2015: \$307,286; 2016: \$327,286), through Macquarie University

  • Z. Botev, Mathematics of importance: The optimal importance sampling algorithm for estimating the probability of a black swan event (2014: \$99,590; 2015: \$95,690; 2016: \$98,240)

  • I. Shparlinski 

  • P. Taylor, A. Delaigle, J. DeGier, P. Forrester, K. Mengersen, A. Pettitt, K. Burrage, I. Turner, M. Roughan, N. Bean, R. Kohn, P. Pollett, D. Kroese, L. Ryan, M, Wand, T. Garoni, J. Taylor, W. Willinger, S-M. Tam, D. Elazar, A. Gupta, K. Weegberg, M. Caley, S. Sisson, K. Smith-Miles, M. Bartlett, R. Hyndman, K. Lowry, T. Perez, Australian Centre of Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) (2014-2021: $20,000,000)

  • T. McDougall, The ocean's role in climate; quantifying the vertical circulation that is unrelated to the dissipation of energy ($30,000)

    J. Murray, Operations research methods can identify viral sequence elements associated with significant biological outcomes ($30,000)

  • F. Chen, Novel statistical models and inference methodologies for recurrent event data analysis ($25,000)

    A. Coster, Insulin control of glucose transporters: a mathematical analysis ($25,000)

    Y. Fan, Efficient Monte Carlo methods for Bayesian models: with application to positron emission tomography (PET) image analysis ($25,000)

  • C. Angstmann, New mathematical model for the effects of anomalous diffusion with reaction on proteins in cells ( $6,000)

    Z. Botev, With normality is a problem: A reliable method for evaluating the cumulative distribution function of the multivariate normal distribution ($6,000)

    P. Straka, Stochastic models for anomalous diffusion and wave propagation ($6,000)

    J. Wang, Application of the geometric process model for injury data in road safety research ($6,000)

    J. Wishart, Multichannel image wavelet deconvolution with dependence ($6,000)

  • T. Britz, New directions in the combinatorial investigations of coding theory ($5,000)

    L. Chan, Derivation of analytical solutions of financial derivatives under the regime switching model ($5,000)

    D. Combe, Distance-transitive directed graphs and multiplicity-free primitive permutation representations ($5,000)

    I. Doust, Novel embedding schemes in discrete functional analysis ($5,000)

    G. Geenens, Flexible estimation of multivariate densities combining pair-copula construction and innovative nonparametric assessment of dependence structures ($7,500)

    V. Jeyakumar, Semi-algebraic optimization: the challenge of numerically certifiable mathematical analysis on polynomials ($5,000)

    S. Keating, Radical methods for deriving super-resolved satellite observations of the ocean ($5,000)

    J. Kress, Superintegrability and conformal geometry ($5,000)

    Q. Le Gia, Meshless methods for stochastic nonlinear partial differential equations on spheres and surfaces ($7,500)

    J. Olivier, Causal inference for evidence based policy using comparative interrupted time series ($5,000)

    S. Penev, Robust inference about risk ($5,000)

    S. Sisson, New space-time models: Max-stability and beyond ($5,000)

    N.J. Wildberger, Synergies between Euclidean and hyperbolic geometries ($7,500)

  • A. Williamson, J. Olivier, M. Bambach, R. Grzebieta, ACT Road Safety Camera Program Evaluation, ACT Department of Justice and Community Safety (2014: $149,022), through Transport and Road Safety (TARS) Research Centre

Earlier grants

A list of our earlier grants is also available.