About the Nexus Initiative

The aim of the Frontiers in Fundamental Mathematics Nexus is to highlight recent developments at the forefront of fundamental research in the mathematical sciences, with an emphasis on the significance and impact of fundamental mathematical research to a diverse range of areas within mathematics and beyond.

Nexus fosters research collaborations between different fields by providing a platform for pure and applied mathematicians, as well as statisticians, to share their fundamental research and to create and develop connections between their different backgrounds. Nexus also aims to facilitate translation of knowledge across faculty, exploring connections with research areas with other schools which rely on fundamental mathematical research.

The Nexus on Frontiers in Fundamental Mathematics enables innovation and development across various fields and fosters collaborations between different schools and faculties.

Nexus Team

Vera Roshchina (Chair), Anita Liebenau (Deputy Chair), Adelle Coster, Josef Dick, Sean Gardiner, Guoyin Li, Jan Lin, Benjamin Lyall, Alina Ostafe, Susannah Waters.

Recent and Upcoming Events