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The School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW offers an extensive range of programs and courses that empower discovery through creative human thought, ranging from pure abstractions to real-world applications. 

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Mathematics Majors in Science (Program 3970 and Combined Degrees)

Students can explore information on mathematical majors as part of a science or combined degree. Ensure you check key course requirements.

Advanced Mathematics and Advanced Science

If you’re looking for a more advanced degree, the Bachelor of Advanced Mathematics and Bachelor of Advanced Science is for you. Each course provides the same breadth of opportunities, with the addition of honours pathway options.

Bachelor of Data Science and Decisions

The Bachelor of Data Science and Decisions will prepare you to compile, interpret and act on data in ways that make a positive impact in today’s data-driven world.

Actuarial Studies

If you’re someone who excels in mathematics, enjoys complex patterns and wants to learn how to apply mathematical, statistical, economic and financial analysis to a range of problems in risk management, actuarial studies could be for you.

Studying Advanced Maths with Commerce

Gain a focused background in commerce and an in-depth knowledge of advanced mathematics with this degree. Advanced mathematics is a natural complement to commerce.

Studying Mathematics and Statistics with Commerce

Studying mathematics and statistics with commerce combines theory with practical experience to expand your critical thinking, enhance your analytical capabilities and develop your technical skills.

Computer Science and Engineering

Combine technical expertise in an engineering field of your choice with skills in computer science. Future proof your degree with these complementary courses.


Explore your options for combining your studies in mathematics and statistics and economics.

Studying to be a Mathematics Teacher

This combined degree in mathematics and education will broaden your career opportunities while also providing you with a secondary teaching qualification in mathematics.

Combined Degrees in Engineering with a Major in Mathematics or Statistics

Boost your engineering prowess with a major in mathematics and statistics. You will develop the skills to apply advanced mathematics to engineering fields.


There are many ways to study mathematics and statistics with finance. You will be able to apply sophisticated mathematical and statistical techniques to real-world financial problems. Explore our range of options.


Explore the pathways available to combine your study of law with mathematics and statistics and gain a competitive edge.


Majoring in Oceanography as part of your science degree program will provide you with a strong grounding in mathematics and the analytical and numerical techniques for solving complex climate problems.

Choosing first year courses

Choose the right courses for you in mathematics and statistics and gain the skills and qualifications you need to succeed in your career. View our helpful resources.

Details of courses

Find important information on our first, second and third year courses, including program requirements and specialisations.