Entry requirements vary depending on which degree you want to enrol in and whether or not you wish to apply for a scholarship.


Requirements for what?

Entry Requirements

MSc admission

A previous Honours degree

(or equivalent, e.g. coursework Masters with thesis project)

PhD admission Honours Division II Class One (or equivalent, 75%)
A UNSW-funded Scholarship Honours Division I (or equivalent, 85%)


An honours degree (or comparable Masters) is normally required for admission as an MSc candidate.

The normal requirement for admission to a PhD program is an honours degree with a good Honours mark (or comparable performance in a Masters degree).  Transfer to PhD candidature is possible for MSc candidates who are making exceptional progress.

UNSW offers scholarships to local and international students, see Obtaining Funding, to be eligible you need to have the equivalent of First Class Honours.  International students not familiar with our grading system should note that First Class Honours, roughly speaking, corresponds to a mark of about 85%, or a four-point GPA of 3.7, although we make allowances for different grading systems when assessing entry requirements. To self-assess your eligibility, use the HDR Self-Assessment Tool described below.

HDR Self-Assessment Tool

Are you unsure if you meet the entry requirements? The HDR Self-Assessment Tool was designed for exactly this purpose.  Complete the form and it will give you an indicative recommendation (but note this is NOT part of the official application process).

Expressions of interest

If you are eligible for admission, competitive for a scholarship (if one is needed), and you have a supervisor and project in mind, the next step is to apply!

If you had problems completing the HDR Self-Assessment Tool or you have questions about the outcome and/or the next step, please fill out the following form:

Once completed, this form should be emailed to the Director of Postgraduate Studies (Research), with your CV and transcripts.

This form is not part of the official UNSW application process, but helps us to judge your suitability for a research degree and to identify possible supervisors in your area of interest.