All courses in Mathematics and Statistics provide some form of consultation for students taking the course.

All full-time and permanent part-time academic staff are available at a number of times during the week for consultation with students in their classes about problems the student may be having with the course material. The times are advised on the information panel next to each staff person's door.

For the large first year courses, please visit the Staff Consultation moodle page for in-term weekly support.

The School provides additional "pre-exam staff consultation support" commencing from week 11 and up to each first year final exam scheduled. 

In addition, for the core first year courses, there is a Mathematics Drop-in Centre run by later-year students to help first year students, from week 1.

For help with Maple, Matlab and R, there are Lab Consultants.  Lab Consultation has been merged with the services from the Mathematics Drop-in Centre. See the Mathematics Drop-in Centre Moodle page for details of times and locations.

For later year courses with multiple tutorials, the consultation is provided by the tutors of the course. Rosters are not usually provided. Information will be provided in the course Moodle page.

For small courses with only one or no tutorial, you should consult with the lecturer.

Consultation is not meant to be a substitute for attending lectures and tutorials, and the consulting staff may refuse you help if it is clear you have not been attending these.

If you need advice about which courses to take, or on enrolment problems, then see the page on Academic Advice.