Are you interested in becoming a School of Mathematics and Statistics Mathematical Ambassador? 

Mathematical Ambassadors: Tutoring in High Schools (MA:THS) program aims to provide tutoring for needed high school students in the Sydney area. Currently seeking individuals in the Advanced Mathematics program at UNSW Sydney (either first or second year) who would like to make a difference to Year 7 and Year 9 students at Matraville Sports High School.    

As a mathematical ambassador, your goal is to share your knowledge and skills with these students. The project is to enable these Year 7 and Year 9 students so that they have the tools and confidence to think mathematically. In the process, you will learn and implement various teaching methods that could be beneficial not only to these students but to yourself in your future endeavors. This is a volunteer experience, but after completion, it will be recorded on your transcripts that you participated in this program.

Applying to become a Mathematical Ambassador

If you wish to become a mathematical ambassador or would like more information, please contact Dr Donna Salopek.

As required by law, each mathematical ambassador needs to have completed a Volunteer Working With Children Check (there is no cost to get this) prior to starting the placement. Please visit the working with children check website to undergo this check.

Once you have cleared this check, please provide this information to Dr Donna Salopek.