The School is proud of the success of our alumni in many fields. You can read some of their stories here.

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Where are they now?

Jodie Lee (Adv Maths - Honours, 2022) is a Junior Trader at Akuna Capital. 

Harry Crimmins (PhD, 2021; Honours 2016) is a Quantitative Researcher at SIG.

Michaela Hall (PhD, 2021; Master of Mathematics, 2017) is a Research Fellow at the Daffodil Centre.

Fadi Antown (PhD, 2020; Honours 2015) is a Decision Scientist at Retail Insight.

Vienna Lu (B. Data Science & Decisions, 2020) is a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company.

Thomas Scheckter (PhD, 2020) is now a Postdoctoral Fellow with us at UNSW Mathematics and Statistics. 

Kam Hung Yau (PhD, 2020) is a Data Scientist at Bet Right.

Tom Stindl (PhD, 2019) is now a Lecturer with us at UNSW Mathematics and Statistics. 

Eugenia Cao (BSc/Commerce, Statistics & Finance, 2019) works as an Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Peter Ayre (PhD, 2019; Adv Maths - Honours, 2014) is a Data Analyst Lead at Canva. He had previous roles as a Strategy Consultant at Expert360, and as a Graduate Consultant at A.T. Kearney.

Daniel Tanios (Adv Maths/Actuarial Studies-Honours, 2019) took up a role as a Junior Robot Process Automation Developer at Winning Formula. 

Adam Mammoliti (PhD, 2019; Honours, 2014) has taken up a Postdoctoral position at the School of Mathematics, Monash University.

Gary Liang (Advanced Maths/Economics-Honours, 2018) is the Founder of Apollo Jobs. He was previously an Associate and a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company.

Connie Kuo (Adv Maths/Commerce, 2018) is an Investment Associate for MA Financial Group.

Miriam Greenbaum (Advanced Maths/Com-Honours, 2018) is a Manager (Business Consulting) at EY.

Melinda Mortimer (BSc Honours - Statistics, 2018) is a Data Analyst at Tabcorp.  

Marley Young (Honours, 2018) is currently undertaking a PhD at the University of Cambridge. 

James Hortle (BSc Applied Maths-Honours, 2018) is a Software Engineer working on AI and robotics in Tokyo. His article in our magazine Parabola gives an introduction to machine learning.

Daniel Altman (Adv Maths-Honours, 2018) is currently completing a PhD in Number Theory at the University of Oxford. 

Jessica Dai (Adv Sci Mathematics & Physics-Honours, 2018) is an Analyst at Macquarie Group. Her role focuses on the measurement of the aggregate risk on Macquarie's portfolio. 

Huan (Jaslene) Lin (PhD, 2018) is a Lecturer in Statistics at Macquarie University.

Michela Castagnone (Adv Maths-Honours, 2017; pictured right) took up a role as Data Analyst at CommSec, in a varied role with stakeholders across the entire business. She undertook analysis and insights as well as predictive modelling, reporting and automation. She has also worked in other parts of CommBank including the Business Banking Data Science team and the CommSec Business Intelligence team.

Daniel Picone (Applied Honours, 2017) is the Principal at Endgame Economics.

Guilherme Rodrigues (PhD, 2017) is an Assistant Professor at the University of Brasília.

Runze Alexander Xu (Master of Statistics, 2016) took up a role as Data Scientist with Domain Group. 

Johann Blanco (Adv Maths-Honours, 2016) is a Data Analyst at Yellow Canary. He's also held roles as a Tax Technology & Transformation Consultant for EY and as a Data Analyst and Tax Tech/Transformation specialist at Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills.

Ashish Goyal (PhD, 2016) is a Senior Scientist at Pfizer in the U.S. Following his degree, he took up a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and then undertook a second Postdoctoral position at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. 

Boris Beranger (PhD, 2016) is a Senior Lecturer with us in the UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics. 

Houying Zhu (PhD, 2016) is a Lecturer in Statistics at Macquarie University.

Katherine Tay (Adv Maths-Honours, Applied Maths, 2016) is a Media Planner for Zenith, where she works on performance marketing and media strategy.

Peter Bradshaw (Honours, 2016) is undertaking a PhD in Number Theory at the University of Bristol.

Wei Wu (PhD, 2016) is a Lecturer at the Australian National Institute of Management and Commerce.

Maria Fischer (MSc Mathematics, 2016) is a Data Analyst - Specialist Web Performance at Telefonica Germany. 

Tyson Churcher (Adv Maths/Linguistics - Honours, 2016) is a Technical Service Engineer at Sectra (Medical Imaging IT and Cybersecurity).  

Dorothy Cheung (Adv Maths/Com-Honours, 2015) was the recipient of the Girls Do the Maths scholarship in 2011. After completing her degree, she was offered a position as an Actuarial Analyst at Suncorp.

Barton Lee (Adv Maths Honours, 2015) is an Assistant Professor, and Chair of Political Economy and eDemocracy, at ETH Zürich.

Stuart Hatzioannou (Adv Sci./Pure Maths, 2015) is a Lead Data Scientist at WooliesX.

Daniel Le (Adv Maths Honours, 2015) is a Section Manager at Rakuten Mobile. 

Varun Nayyar (BSc/BEng - Statistics, 2015) took up a role in Operations Development at Hudson River Trading, Singapore, in early 2016.

James Ross (BSc Mathematics - Honours 2015; MRes Mathematics, current) took up a position as a Research Data Scientist at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Roberto Riedig (Adv Maths-Honours, 2014; MTeach Secondary, 2017) is Mathematics Master at Sydney Grammar School. He teaches students across years 7-12 and develops enrichment material.

Ali Hussain Alkhaldi (PhD, 2014) is an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics, King Khalid University.

Mathematical biologist Professor John Murray celebrated 31 years at UNSW in 2014. 

Steve Siu (Adv Maths-Honours, 2013) commenced as an AI Engineer at Oracle, where he researches and develops chatbots.

Kirsten Vo-Phuoc (Adv Maths-Honours, 2013) is a Senior Data Scientist at Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

Patrick Lomax (2013) has taken up a position as maths teacher (actually, the only maths teacher) at Merriwa Central School.

Anthony Morris (Advanced Mathematics, 2012) was interviewed about his job as a Software Engineer at Google.

Michelle Dunbar (PhD, 2012) worked as a Vice-Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow in the SMART Infrastructure Facility at the University of Wollongong and then at ACRF Image-X Institute, Sydney Medical School. In mid-2022 she joined UNSW Mathematics and Statistics as a Lecturer. 

Matthew Brassil (Adv Maths - Honours, 2012) completed a PhD in Pure Mathematics at the University of British Columbia (Canada). He then took up a role as a Junior Trader at Akuna Capital. 

But-Elle Hatooka (Adv Maths-Honours I Statistics, 2012) is Head Tutor and a small business owner of Polymath Tutoring.

Jessica Egan (2011) gave the occasional address at the 2014 UNSW Schools Mathematics Competition. She spoke on her work with Taylor Fry Consulting Actuaries on insurance risks resulting from such causes as climate change.

Chin Pin Wong (2011) went on to do a PhD at Oxford. 

Isaac Donnelly began his PhD in 2012. He was awarded a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship in 2015, and travelled to Northeastern University in Boston to work on the development of non-linear control theory for networks under the mentorship of world-leading scientist Professor Albert-László Barabási. After graduation, he took up a role as a Consultant for McKinsey & Company. 

Ron Elazar (Graduate Diploma in Statistics, 2010; Master of Financial Maths, 2009, pictured right) is a Senior Consultant at Deloitte Australia. Since graduation, he has been involved in publicity initiatives in the School, and spoke to students at our 2015 Advanced Mathematics Day. 

Stephen Broadfoot (Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics, 2010) works at Google on Android Auto, specifically integrating Google Maps navigation into the car's native head unit.

The first two graduates of the School's Quantitative Risk program, Aaron Byrnes and Alison Vo-Phuoc (2011) joined Westpac and CBA respectively. Four students graduated from the program in early 2012.

Stephen Ozvatic (2010) took a position as graduate risk analyst with CBA.

Guy Flint (2011) gained a first in Tripos Part III at Cambridge and is pursuing a PhD on stochastic processes at Oxford.

Vivian Jiang (Master of Statistics, 2009) is a Data Scientist who works as a Modelling Manager at CBA. 

Rupert McCallum (PhD, 2009) has a postdoc position at the University of Muenster.

Dalia Terhesiu (PhD, 2009) is lecturer in pure mathematics at the University of Exeter.

Lara Scharenguivel (2009) worked in data analytics for Deloitte in New York and has returned to Sydney.

Jim Pettigrew (PhD, 2008) started a role as Senior Lecturer (Education Focussed) with us in the School of Mathematics and Statistics in mid 2023. 

Beren Sanders (2008) has published on triangulated categories and their applications. He is at EPFL Lausanne and moved to UC Santa Cruz in 2018.

Paul Leopardi (PhD, 2007) is a High Performance Computing Specialist at National Computational Infrastructure where he helps researchers obtain better performance from their simulations running on NCI computers.

Carl Ang (BSc Mathematics and Statistics, 2007) completed further study in Economics at the University of Sydney and is currently a fixed income research strategist for Citigroup.

James Maclaurin (BSc Pure Maths / BArts Philosophy, 2007) is an Assistant Professor, Mathematical Sciences, at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He completed a PhD at Oxford in 2014, and has postdoctoral experience from INRIA Sophia Antipolis in France, The University of Sydney and The University of Utah.

David Maher (PhD, 2006) is Associate Director at NAB, where he oversees market risk management for fixed income and interest rate derivatives. Earlier, he worked in London for two years as Senior Quantitative Analyst with NAB. 

David Maher, and two other maths grads, Leisa Dyer and James Luffman, were featured in a cover story of the SMH MyCareer section on Feb 23, 2008. 

Gina Papapetrou (2006) is Functional & Industry Analytics Manager at Accenture Australia.

Collis Ta'eed (BSc, Mathematics and Computer Science, 2002) has had great commercial success with his startup digital goods company Envato. 2019 news story

Jaclyn Brown (PhD 2005; BSc Mathematics, 2000, pictured right) was appointed as Director of the CSIRO Climate Science Centre in late 2019. Jaci's PhD research on ocean modelling was performed jointly with UNSW and CSIRO Hobart; she retired as weather presenter on ABC-TV Hobart. In 2006 she moved to a Postdoc at Yale and returned to CSIRO Hobart, where she took up the role of Senior Research Scientist. She authored an article on El Nino in 2014, and was profiled in the Weekend Australian in 2011.

Rochelle Guttman (BSc/BCom - Hons 1 & University Medal, majors in economics and mathematics, 2005) is a Senior Economist at the Reserve Bank of Australia. 

Also at CSIRO Marine Science in Hobart is Peter Oke (PhD, 2002), working on the interpretation of ocean data.

The Australian School of Business graduation of 21/4/09 included a number of students completing BCom BSc with a major in mathematics. Those receiving maths honours degrees included Etienne ChanAnthony DensmoreSuchith GunatillakeLibo Li and Charles Qin, who received the University Medal in Pure Mathematics. Charles is now a consulting actuary at Milliman (Chicago from 2012), Etienne at Macquarie Bank, and Libo is a Senior Lecturer at UNSW Mathematics and Statistics. 

Jocelyn Ho (BSc Mathematics and Computer Science - Pure Honours, 2004) is Assistant Professor of Performance Studies at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music. She won the $20,000 first prize in the Australian National Piano Award in Sept 2010. She is also a composer of mathematics-related music. She won several earlier piano awards and the 2007 Australia Day Award by the National Council of Women NSW, and completed a doctorate at SUNY Stony Brook. She co-wrote a paper on trig identities. 

Thomas Lam (2001) did a PhD at MIT in algebraic combinatorics. He was Assistant Professor of mathematics at Harvard and is now Professor at the University of Michigan. 

Julie Truong (2009) taught English as a foreign language and worked in marketing data analysis at CBA and BT Financial. She moved to London in late 2013 and worked in modelling with a telco. 

Raed Raffoul (PhD, 2007) has been tutoring in Maths at UNSW and recently in statistics at Sydney University.

Anne Thomas (2003) was awarded her PhD at the University of Chicago in June 2007. She spent a semester at MSRI, Berkeley, then commenced a position as assistant professor at Cornell. From there she has moved to a postdoc at Oxford and took up a lectureship at the University of Sydney starting in late 2010. She moved to the University of Glasgow in 2013 but took up a senior lectureship at Sydney University in mid-2015. Her daughter was born in 2017.

Mark Hong (2001) works with Telstra on strategy marketing. Prior to this, he worked for IAG, CBA and Deloitte for several years.

Lucy Gow (2002) finished her PhD in algebra at the University of Sydney, where she is working as a research associate temporarily. She began a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics in Potsdam in September 2008.

Mandy Seet (2008) works at Digital Alchemy, in analysis of marketing data.

Terence Sitiabudi (2006) is a Pearson Education publishing sales representative at UNSW. He is also completing a Master of Commerce at UNSW.

David Harvey (B.Sc Maths, First Class Honours, 2002; pictured right) gained a PhD at Harvard University, on number theory/arithmetic geometry, followed by a three-year postdoc at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU in September 2008. He took up a lectureship at UNSW Mathematics and Statistics in July 2011 and was awarded a prestigious ARC DECRA later that year. He is now an Associate Professor at UNSW Mathematics and Statistics. 

Scott Morrison (2001) completed his PhD at Berkeley, winning the 2007 Herbert Alexander Prize for outstanding dissertation in Pure Mathematics. He was a postdoctoral researcher working in Microsoft's Station Q at UC Santa Barbara, but is now at ANU. His interests include mountain-climbing in Peru, juggling...

Kevin Dahl (PhD, 2002) worked for KPMG's Treasury and Financial Risk Management Group for two years. From 2003 and onwards at Australian Sciences, he was involved in medical research projects in DNA repair, inflammatory skin disease and respiratory antivirals.

Elizabeth Smith (2004) worked in Austrac before moving to the Australian Federal Police. 

Anthony Armstrong (2007, BSc/BComm) works at Macquarie Bank on the debt markets trading floor.

Si Chun Choi (2006, BSc/BEd with major in mathematics) is teaching in a public high school.

Xiang Goh (2006) worked for a year with David Wilson from the UNSW Medicine department doing mathematical modelling of HIV. He is now in Adelaide doing postgrad medicine at Flinders University.

Venta Terauds (PhD, 2006) was a lecturer in maths at the University of Newcastle. She normally lives in Hobart but for late 2011 and early 2012 has a postdoc position at the University of Bielefeld. 

Ben Waterhouse (PhD, 2007) stayed on at UNSW as a MASCOS postdoctoral fellow, working on their Macquarie Bank project. He is Founder and Director of Model Solutions and works mostly on the analysis of pharmaceutical marketing data.

Hubert Lam (Maths and Elec Eng, 2005) has been teaching maths at North Sydney Boys High School since 2008.

Simon Hegarty (1997) is senior quantitative analyst at ERM Power, Brisbane.

Paul Clutton (1994) is working for J.P. Morgan in London as a market risk manager. He covered credit derivatives during the credit crisis and is now covering equities.

Professor Stan Miklavcic (1985) was appointed Head of the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Australia.

Michael Barber has been Vice-Chancellor of Flinders University since 2008. He was Group Executive for CSIRO’s Information, Manufacturing & Minerals group and was Dean of Science at ANU during 1992-1993.

Adrian Banner (MSc, 1998) completed his PhD at Princeton in 2002 and is Director of Research at Intec, an equity funds manager that specialises in building stock portfolios using mathematical techniques. Based on his teaching at Princeton, he has written an introductory calculus textbook, The Calculus Lifesaver.

Gina Choutis (2007) has a position in data analysis with Baycorp. 

Judy Ly (Maths and CS 2007) is with the Australian Bureau of Statistics and has been working on Census data.

Romesh Silva (BSc Honours I - Statistics, 2000) is a Senior Technical Specialist at the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). He gained a Masters at Columbia on the use of statistics to evaluate human rights abuses after working on an aid program in Laos. He has worked in both Timor and Sri Lanka on estimating the numbers of conflict-related deaths in those countries. He completed a PhD in Demography at UC Berkeley. 

Since retiring from the University of Technology, Sydney, Graeme Cohen (PhD, 1983) wrote a history of Australian mathematics, Counting Australia In. It was published by the Australian Mathematical Society.

Mark Reid completed his honours in Pure Mathematics in 1996 and then did a PhD in Machine Learning at UNSW. During that time he also worked as a research intern at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center in New York, and as a software developer at Proxima Technology. He was a research engineer at Canon's research arm CISRA, before leaving there to take up a position as a Research Fellow in the Computer Sciences Laboratory at the ANU. 

Kate Simms (2006) worked with infrastructure planning company Maunsell before moving to Adelaide, where she completed a PhD at Adelaide University on cancer modelling. She now works at Prince of Wales clinical school on the effectiveness of cervical screening.

Arianna Cowling (2006) worked on banknote security at the Reserve Bank. She is now Senior Economist there.

Maiyuran Arumugam (2006) and Manny Costigan (2006) joined Ernst & Young. Manny moved to Westpac in 2010.

Jonathon Rona (2003) is at HCF Health Insurance, providing analytical support to the CEO.

Thayalini Rajamohan (2005) spent 2005 back at UNSW doing a graduate diploma in education. Having completed that successfully she gained a job as a maths teacher at Kincoppal Rose Bay and later at the Australian International School, Hong Kong.

Sudhir Grandhi (MStats, 2005, right) is Senior Manager, Pricing Analytics, at Commonwealth Bank. He was previously a Statistical Analyst with Suncorp and a Systems Consultant in Westpac's Financial Crimes Unit, working in the area of fraud and money-laundering detection.

UNSW's first PhD student in Mathematics, Colin Thompson (1964) is Emeritus Professor at the University of Melbourne. He is active in many mathematical modelling projects on topics such as genetic and financial risks.

Peter Zeitsch (1994), after a PhD at Sydney University, worked in Market Risk at boutique investment bank Zurich Capital Markets. He then moved into credit derivatives at ANZ Debt Markets. Peter is now the correlation trader for DBS Bank in Singapore where he runs the exotic credit derivatives risk. He reports that Kwok Aun Tan (1995) is working as an FX structurer for Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein in Singapore, and that Paul Verschuer (1988) left Zurich Capital Markets to head the FX derivatives operations at Westpac Institutional Bank in Sydney.

Daniel Moses (BSc/Medicine, Honours - Pure Maths, 1997) is Director of Medical Imaging at Prince of Wales Hospital and also Medical Director, Research Imaging NSW, UNSW. He currently has an appointment with UNSW in the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering. He completed a MEngSc in Biomedical Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science, medical imaging analysis (both at UNSW). 

Earlier, he undertook three fellowships in radiology at New York University, and worked at Liverpool and Prince of Wales hospitals as a staff specialist. His research includes anatomical shape description using principal curvature analysis and quantitating the perfusion of tissue using MRI.

Lyria Bennett Moses (BSc/Law - Honours I - Pure Maths, 1997), completed her doctorate in law from Columbia University (on legal responses to technological change). She started as a Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at UNSW in 2006 and is now a Professor there. She is also Director of the Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation. She led the UNSW Grand Challenge on “Living with 21st Century Technology”, and is the NSW Coordinator for the Australian chapter of the IEEE Society for the Social Implications of Technology. 

Lyria and Daniel (above) met during their studies in Maths at UNSW and are still happily married. "We were wondering if our son, Joshua Michael Moses, born July 2004 is the first derivative of the Honours program in Maths at UNSW? And following on from this, if Tiana Michelle Moses, our daughter, born Oct 2007 is the second derivative?"     

Ben Hutchinson's (1998) other academic interest was linguistics, and he became increasingly fascinated by statistical and mathematical models of human languages. He completed his PhD in Computational Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh in 2005.

Andrew Mitchell (1997), was awarded a PhD in Computer Science at UNSW in machine learning/data mining.

Josi Mazaraki (1997, also Bachelor of Laws), worked as a solicitor in banking and finance with Freehills. In 2000, she moved to UBS Investment Bank to work in corporate finance. She has just moved to Hong Kong, in UBS's Asia-Pacific management team; just before leaving she spoke at UNSW's Girls Do The Maths workshop in 2005.

Simon Hegarty (Hons, 1997) works for ERM Power in the area of Quant.

Jiuzhao Hua (PhD, 1998) currently works at the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research. His main interest is recidivism.

Lindsay Peters (PhD, 1983) was Greens candidate for Bennelong in the 2007 federal election; Daniel Marti (1992) stood as a Greens candidate in the 2006 Victorian state election.

Bernard Kachoyan (1980, PhD 1986) is Head of Maritime Requirements Analysis, Maritime Operations Research with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation. Bernard is on the School's Advisory Board. 

Neil Ormerod (PhD, 1979), left, was appointed professor of theology at the Australian Catholic University in Jan 2005. His son John Ormerod (2004) gained a PhD from UNSW and has joined the University of Sydney as a lecturer in Statistics.

Sarah Chee Djula (formerly Tueno) (2003) graduated in 2004 with a Masters degree in Information Security from RMIT. She worked with DFAT in computer security and now consults in that area. 

Richard Gray (2003) did a PhD thesis in theoretical physics at Sydney University, on quantitative brain dynamics, and now performs research into the spread of HIV with the National Centre in HIV Epidemiology and Clinical Research at UNSW.

Daniel Gullotta (2003) took a job with MBF.

Michael Nealon (2000) is Head of Quant Analytics and Rates Specialist at NAB.

Len Chersky graduated in law as well as from a BSc and worked in various analytical and legal roles. He is now Vice-President, structured finance, with Moody's Investors Service. He has been doing a fair bit of travel for work, dividing his time between Sydney, London and New York.

Salote Mailangi (2003) has been teaching high school maths and chemistry in Vava'u, Tonga.

After graduating with BSc (Statistics) Honours in 1990, Damian Collins worked at the Australian Bureau of Statistics from 1991-1995. He has worked as a biometrician in NSW Agriculture at Menangle (S-W Sydney) from 1996 onwards.

Joshua van Kleef (1999) has a research position in Biological Sciences, ANU. He is investigating the properties of the second order neurons in the dragonfly visual system and has a major accepted publication on it. The aim is to find flight stabilization algorithms based on dragonfly biology. He has a young son.

Loso Judijanto (MStats, 1998) is undertaking a PhD program at the University of Indonesia, majoring in Accounting and Finance.

Carmen Kong (2002) graduated with a Masters of Statistics at UNSW, and works with the Australian Bureau of Statistics on liaison with ATO. In 2014 she gained a Masters degree from ANU on translations of the Our Father into Chinese.

Sam Gianniotis (MStats), now head of Risk, Reward and Strategy at Westpac, gave a talk on his statistical work in the Bank in the School's Data Mining course in 2003.

Stuart Johnson (1998) finished a PhD at the University of Adelaide and is currently working there as a Research Associate. His work is on geometric structures which are relevant to topics in theoretical physics, such as Quantum Field Theory & String Theory.

Clio Cresswell (PhD, 2000; pictured right) is Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at The University of Sydney. She is a writer, a TV and radio presenter, a public speaker, a mathematician. She also spent several years as UNSW Maths' publicity manager. She is living proof a mathematics degree can take you anywhere! Her book, Mathematics and Sex, was released in 2003. Over the years, Clio has featured in the media regularly. She has contributed talks to TEDx Sydney, given relationship advice on Beauty and The Beast (Foxtel & Channel 10), interviewed fascinating people on The Panel (Channel 10), made jokes on The Glasshouse (ABC), co-hosted a number of shows on Triple M (Melbourne), and given book reviews and stories on Radio National's Science Show. Clio was even named one of the 25 Most Beautiful People of 2001 by Who Weekly!

Thanks to Samuel Chan for this report on the 2001 BSc (Hons) in Statistics class. Adam Barber and Stephen Yeung are both in the Technical and Operations division at Allianz Insurance Australia. Stephen is also currently studying for his Actuarial qualification (Institute of Actuaries, Australia). Samuel is a Management Associate with Prudential Assurance Company Singapore and has just completed his stint in the Training and Education Department. His next rotation will be with the Bancassurance channel.

Rob Taggart (2000), after teaching maths and physics to missionaries' children in Kathmandu, completed a PhD at UNSW and was lecturing here in 2008.

John Ho (1999), after three years with Boston Consulting, went to Chicago to work for Citadel Investment, one of the largest U.S. hedge funds. 

Ed Bosworth (MStats, 1999) is responsible for Basel II implementation and active portfolio management for Westpac.

Phi Long Nguyen Thanh (1998) graduated with a PhD from Columbia University in 2003. He now works at Goldman Sachs as a Quantitative Researcher.

Quoc Thong Le Gia (1998) completed a PhD at Texas A&M University and is now a Senior Lecturer at UNSW Mathematics and Statistics.

Genevieve Mortiss (PhD, 1997) has worked in superannuation consulting with Towers Perrin and more recently as a naval defence analyst with DSTO. She is currently an ARC postdoctoral fellow at UNSW. Her interests include digital filmmaking. Music for her film The Compost Monster was provided by David Angell and the Bourbaki Ensemble.

In New York are Dmitri Potishko and Peter Cotton (1996), both at Morgan Stanley. Peter led a seminar at UNSW in September 2005 on patenting mathematical algorithms.

Mark Young (1995) went on to a Masters in Applied Statistics at Macquarie University. After some years in capital attribution with CBA, ING Direct, PwC and Deloitte, he moved to RSA in London in 2011. He was a Visiting Fellow in the School.

Mark Johnston (MSc) is a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers working on insurance pricing and other topics. He is Adjunct Associate Professor in the School (jointly with Actuarial Studies).

Patrick Morris-Suzuki (1995) works on quantitative credit models and lives in Bermuda, where the weather is lovely.

Daniel Chan (1994) returned as a lecturer in the School, soon after finishing his PhD at M.I.T. Mike Hirschhorn (PhD, 1980) lectured for many years in Pure Mathematics at UNSW and is still keenly doing research in his retirement. David Angell (PhD, 1988) and David Crocker also lecture in Pure. Biomathematician Adelle Coster (1991) returned to the School as lecturer in Applied after time away at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, and at UNSW Elec Eng. She is now Deputy Head of School - Research, UNSW Mathematics and Statistics. Also among lecturers in Applied, Thanh Tran and John Murray are graduates of the School.

Our graduates have made it big elsewhere in academia too. The late Alf van der Poorten (PhD, 1968) was Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Macquarie University, well-known for his book on Fermat's Last Theorem. John Hutchinson is Emeritus Professor in the Mathematical Sciences Institute at ANU; Elizabeth Ormerod (1968) is also there.

Andrew Francis (PhD, 1999) lectures at UWS; Peter Petocz (PhD, 1982) at UTS; Fernando Viera (PhD, 1984) at Sydney University; Stephen Joe (PhD, 1985) at Waikato (he has a book on multiple integration); Joseph Kung (1973) at the University of North Texas; Dennis Acreman (PhD, 1983), left, at Thompson Rivers University.

And among statistics graduates, Lynne Billard (PhD, 1969, right) is Professor at the University of Georgia and was 1996 President of the American Statistical Association. She was awarded our inaugural UNSW Women in Mathematics and Statistics Ambassador in 2016; Robert Adler (PhD, 1977) holds a chair at Technion, Haifa (his work long ago at UNSW with Michael Hasofer is often cited in the hot new field of functional magnetic resonance brain imagining); Clyde ("Charles") McGilchrist (PhD, 1966) retired in 1998 as Professor of Statistics at ANU; Dave Griffiths (1966) is professor of statistics at Wollongong; Vic Solo (1972) is professor and head of the Systems and Control Research Group at UNSW. John Macfarlane (MStats, 1975) is associate professor at UWS. Biostatistician Judy Simpson is in the Sydney University School of Public Health.

Helen Armstrong (1992), after several years in a number of jobs, returned to base and completed a PhD (2005) on causal modelling in statistics. After work with Cape York Partnerships she rejoined the School and in 2009 lectured in Professional Issues and Ethics in Mathematics. Sadly she passed away in 2014.

Brian Cullis (PhD, 1987) is Supervisor of Biometrics at Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute. Alan Gleeson (PhD, 1979) is a statistician and Executive Director, Administration, of the NSW Department of Agriculture.

Catherine Wong (1998), has been a statistics and data mining consultant with SPSS and a tutor at UNSW. Her Geek Chic business offers tutoring in first-year UNSW maths, and for a break from that, her other business, Bailongo, teaches Latin American dance. 

June 5, 2005 will be remembered as a significant date in the history of energy generation in Australia. This was the day that the Energetech company founded by UNSW PhD graduate, Tom Denniss (PhD, 1995), deployed their revolutionary wave energy generator off the coast of Port Kembla. This new technology, that harnesses energy from the ocean, has the potential to produce a virtually limitless supply of pollution-free electricity. The plant, situated 200 metres from the Port Kembla Harbour, has a size of 35 metres by 36 metres and is expected to produce at least 500 MWh of energy per annum (enough to supply about 500 homes). All of this energy is totally clean.

Macquarie Bank employs four UNSW Maths PhDs. Karen Lau (1999) provides quant support for teams in pricing exotic options, portfolio optimization etc. Ann-Marie Wong (2004), with a PhD in Antarctic currents, works in exotic options (well, it's all PDEs) as do pure maths PhDs John Cornwall (1994) and Paul Rothnie (2000). Also at Macquarie Bank is Ahmed el-Feki, who teaches in Macquarie's short course on exotic options.

Eugene Dubossarsky (Maths/Comp Sci. - Honours, 1991; pictured right) is Director and Principal Trainer at the consulting company he founded, Presciient. He is also Chief Data Scientist at AlphaZetta and Managing Partner of the Global Training Academy. 

Scott Power (PhD, 1990) is research scientist at the Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre, Melbourne. Des Clarke (PhD) researches in oceanography at Wollongong University. Oceanographer Peter Coutis (PhD, 2000) is a lecturer at QUT. Fluid dynamicist Jim Denier (PhD, 1989) is Professor of Continuum Mechanics at the University of Auckland.

Portia Cerny (1999) is a Financial Services Risk Data and Analytics Leader at EY. In 2022, she was promoted to partner there. She was formerly in charge of data mining for MBF and also had a role as Head of Analytics: Operations & Risk at Macquarie Bank. She has continued to be involved with the School: she spoke at the School's Girls Do The Maths workshops in 2007 and 2010, at the School's Mathematics Competition prize-giving in 2007 and 2018, and our 2015 Advanced Mathematics Day event.

Moninya Roughan (PhD, 2002), then at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, California, was awarded the Outstanding Student Paper Award at the 2002 Fall Meeting of the Ocean Sciences of the American Geophysical Union. In 2006 she returned to the School as Lecturer in oceanography, and was promoted to Professor in 2019.

Statistician Ron Sandland (PhD, 1980) was Deputy Chief Executive of CSIRO. In Jan 2015 he was appointed Chair of an official inquiry into whether the Bureau of Meteorology had acted rightly in the data homogenisation of weather records.

Janette Keevers (Green) (1975) is Senior Research Fellow in Applied Statistics, working on projects in health statistics in fields such as rehabilitation and mental health.

Jack Gray (PhD, 1968; pictured right), after several years with Boston funds manager Grantham Mayo van Otterloo (GMO), joined Suncorp and then Sunsuper in Sydney, where he was Chief Investments Officer. He rejoined GMO in Sydney as Head of Strategy. He then took up a role as Director and Special Advisor at investment management services firm Brookvine.

Alex Reichel (PhD, 1962) retired as Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics at Sydney University. He died in late 2012.