Please see below for a list of our current Postgraduate Research students. 

list of former Postgraduate Research students, with links to their theses, is also available. 


Name Degree Profile Email Department Research area Supervisor(s)
Muhammad Afifurrahman  PhD student View profile m.afifurrahman Pure Multiplicative structure of rational functions and their values over global fields Alina Ostafe and Igor Shparlinski
Mehreen Afzaal PhD student   a.afzaal Statistics Regression- A Symbolic Data Analysis using Meta-Analysis - A modified approach Boris Beranger and Jake Olivier
Mst. Bithi Akter PhD student   mst_bithi.akter Statistics Universal Copula Modeling Gery Geenens and Sprio Penev

Christian Bagshaw

PhD student

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c.bagshaw Pure

Arithmetic Problems in Function Fields

Igor Shparlinski and Bryce Kerr

Aayush Bhattacharya

PhD student


a.bhattacharya Pure

Establish the new Schur-Weyl duality for I-quantum groups and Hecke algebras in the non-semisimple world

Jie Du

Zelong Bi PhD student Statistics Statistical dependence between random vectors of arbitrary dimensions Gery Geenens and Pierre Lafaye de Micheaux
Josef Bisits PhD student   z5131023 Applied Non-linear controls on ocean circulation and mixing in marginal ice zones Jan Zika 

Daniel Boettger

PhD student

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z3126833 Applied

Improving the representation of the ocean surface mixed layer in an operational ocean forecast model

Shane Keating and Michael Banner

Yudhi Bunjamin

PhD student

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yudhi Pure

Block ordering of block designs

Catherine Greenhill and Diana Combe

Stuart-James Burney PhD student   z5099006 Applied Modelling anomalous reactions and anomalous diffusion in complex heterogeneous media Chris Angstmann
Daniel Chee PhD student   z5209546 Statistics Enhancing interest rate and credit risk modelling using optimal transport theory Libo Li and Ben Goldys

Isabela Conde

PhD student              z5459068 Applied Drivers and impacts of variability in the tropical sea surface temperature distribution Jan Zika
Joshua Connor PhD student   z5252926 Applied Develop and validate fast, accurate mathematical methods for calculating the surface and interior wake "fingerprint" of submerged moving vessels Shane Keating and Scott Sisson
Chandler Corrigan PhD student   z5206374 Pure The Analytic Theory of $L$-functions Liangyi Zhao
Daniel Czapski PhD student   z5117950 Pure Free probability; generalisation of Poisson random processes to non-commutative probability spaces Dimitriy Zanin and Fedor Sukochev

Christian De Nicola Larsen

PhD student

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z5117550 Pure

Mathematical Modelling of Field Theories

Arnaud Brothier

Bill Deng

PhD student

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z3424641 Pure

RO(K)-graded cohomology, where K is the Klein 4-group, and its relationship with the Bredon motivic cohomology of the real field

Mircea Voineagu

Patrick Donovan MSC(Research)   patrick.donovan Pure Ancient Ricci Flow on four-manifolds with symmetries Tim Buttsworth and Michael Cowling
Reg Dowse MSC(Research)   r.dowse Applied Tilting of mesoscale ocean eddies in the Tasman Sea Shane Keating and Moninya Roughan
Daniel Dunmore PhD student   d.dunmore Pure Module Categories over Soergel Bimodules Anna Romanov and Arnaud Brothier
Thomas Dunmore PhD student   t.dunmore Pure Classification of fusion categories; module categories; quadratic categories; Brauer-Picard groupoids Pinhas Grossman and  Anna Romanov

Benjamin Duthie

PhD student


d.duthie Statistics Predictive Uncertainty with Incomplete Information for Deep Learning

Scott Sisson

David Farrell PhD student   david.farrell Pure Harmonic Analysis and Operator Theory Dimitriy Zanin and Denis Potapov
Tasman Fell MSC(Research)   t.fell Pure Singular Soergel bimodules and the light leaves basis Anna Romanov and Jie Du

Saman Forouzandeh

PhD student

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z5318340 Statistics

Users Classification with Network Embedding and Fuzzy Decision Tree

Pavel Krivitsky and Wenjie Zhang

Shenghan Gao PhD student   z5373171 Statistics Theory and Applications of distributionally robust statistical inference Spiridon Penev and Leung Lung Chan

Joshua Graham

PhD student


joshua.graham Pure Equivariant motivic cohomology and homotopy - extending C2-equivariant motivic cohomology to any finite group G.

Mircea Voineagu and DanielChan

Joshua Ham PhD student   z5298408 Pure Equivariant Motivic/Topological Cell Structures Mircea Voineagu and Jie Du
Peter Hanna PhD student   z3254418 Statistics Novel feature selection algorithms and their efficient implementation in linear and generalised linear models Zdravko Botev 
Michael Harm PhD student   z5439694 Pure The Ternary Goldbach problem with restricted primes Igor Shparlinski and Bryce Kerr

Eva-Maria Hekkelman

PhD student



Pure Connecting the Density of States with Noncommutative Geometry

Fedor Sukochev

Boris Zhou Huang PhD Student   z5062113 Pure Non-Markovian Mathematic Models on Natural Phenomenon Christopher Angstmann 
Yingkun Huang PhD student View profile z5173467 Applied Robust Semi-Algebraic Optimisation: Theory, Methods, and Applications Jeya Jeyakumar and Guoyin Li
Amuchechukwu Ibenegbu PhD student   z5516899 Statistics Spatio-Temporal Disease Mapping of Prevalence of High Blood Pressure in Nigeria Using INLA Rohitash Chandra and Pierre Lafaye de Micheaux
Siddharth Iyer PhD student   z5370011 Pure Heilbronn sets and exponential sums Igor Shparlinski

Ahmad Hakiim Bin Jamaluddin

PhD student

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z5323238 Statistics

Advances in symbolic data analysis

Scott Sisson and Boris Beranger

Qian Jin

PhD student


z5235218 Statistics Statistical Analysis of Medical Scanner Images of the Lungs using Deep Learning Techniques Pierre Lafaye de Micheaux and
Clara Grazian (USyd)
Arpit Kapoor PhD student   z5370003 Statistics Bayesian Deep Learning for Spatio-Temporal modelling with applications in Earth and Environment Sciences Rohitash Chandra and Sahani Pathiraja 
Kevin Kuhl Oliveira PhD student   k.kuhi_oliveira Applied  Machine Learning and Operator-Theoretic Methods for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Gary Froyland

Madeleine Kyng

PhD student

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z3424670 Pure Computing zeta functions of algebraic curves over finite fields, specifically to extend a method to handle plane curves with arbitrary singularities

David Harvey

Samudra Lamahewage  PhD student   z5394603 Statistics Uncertainty Quantification in Natural Resources Sahani Pathiraja 
Jason Lambe PhD student   z5205711 Statistics Particle filtering techniques for point processes with incomplete data Thomas Stindl and Feng Chen
Yat Long Lee PhD student   z5321396 Applied Operator-theoretic and differential geometric approaches to machine learning; Differential and spectral geometry with applications to fluid mixing Gary Froyland
Lincan Li PhD student   z5513388 Applied Mathematical Modeling Methods for Heterogeneous Time Series Analytics Adelle Coster and Wenjie Zhang
Hongzhi Liao PhD student   z5380281 Applied Geometry in Projection Methods and Fixed-Point Theory Vera Roshchina

Jimeng Lu

PhD student

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z5315704 Applied The Uniform Approximation Property of Non-commutative Spaces

Fedor Sukochev

Yiyi Ma PhD student   z5392067 Statistics Data Science and Environment Scott Sisson and Lucy Marshall
Anson MacDonald PhD student   z5405001 Statistics Particle-Based Variational Inference with Graph and Time-Series Applications Sahani Pathiraja and Scott Sisson

Ben Maslen

PhD student

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z5034729 Statistics

Development of CNN methods and consequent multivariate modelling of misclassification errors of fish in underwater videos

David Warton and Gordana Popovic

Samuel Mason

PhD student


z1058231 Statistics

Spatio-Temporal Species Distribution Models

David Warton

Anant Mathur

PhD student

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z5110079 Statistics

Computational Statistics and Data Science

Zdravko Botev and Sarat Moka

Yerlan Nessipbayev PhD student   z5380332 Pure Weak compactness criteria in non commutative symmetric spaces Dmitriy Zanin and Fedor Sukochev
Yun Pan PhD student   z3207280 Statistics Statistics of network valued data Pavel Krivitsky and Feng Chen
Nicholas Peters PhD student   z5548838 Applied Operator based techniques for the analysis of dynamical systems Gary Froyalnd

Jackson Ryder

PhD student

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z5290276 Pure

Noncommutative Projective Geometry

Daniel Chan

Ryan Seelig PhD student View profile z5117505 Pure Utilising Jones actions to study forest groups Arnaud Brothier and Pinhas Grossman
Brock Sherlock PhD student   z5207429 Applied The mathematics of stochastic transport and signalling in cells Adelle Coster and Michael Watson
Agus Leonardi Soenjaya PhD student   z5391137 Applied Theoretical and numerical analysis of Landau-Lifshitz-type equations Thanh Tran

Abirami Srikumar

PhD student

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z5116695 Applied

Theory and application of Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

Frances Kuo, Ian Sloan and Alexander Gilbert

Rianti Siswi Utami

PhD student

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z5290421 Statistics Joint Models of Longitudinal Data and Recurrent Events with Time-varying Covariates and a Dependent Terminal Event

Jake Olivier,

Pierre Lafaye De Micheaux and

Maarit Laaksonen 

Hopein Christofen Tang PhD student   z5459056 Pure Improved Lee distance bound and optimal linear codes over Z4 Thomas Britz and Catherine Greenhill
Noah Vinod PhD student   z5255691 Applied Efficient Numerical Methods for the Landau-Lifshitz Equation Thanh Tran
Qi Wang MSC(Research)   qi.wang21 Applied Algebraic techniques for polynomial optimization Mareike Dressler

Lokuliyana Waduge (Dilshan) 


PhD student   z5160361 Pure Jones Representations of Thompson's Groups Arnaud Brothier and Daniel Chan

Haoxuan Wu

PhD student

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z3466329 Applied

Proposing a fast algorithm to solve Non-convex sparse optimisation problems and demonstrating algorithm on real world problems 

Guoyin Li

Hanwen Xuan

PhD student

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z5113694 Statistics

Bayesian Extension of Black-Litterman (BL) Asset Allocation Model through Copula Representation

Feng Chen and Clara Grazian

Shuo Zhang PhD student   shou.zhang5 Statistics Credit risk modeling and evaluation, point processes, machine learning and its application in credit risk modeling Feng Chen and Jinxia Zhu

Victor Zhang

PhD student   z5258941 Pure Diagrammatic Lusztig-Vogan categories Anna Romanov and Pinhas Grossman
Yu Zhang MSC(Research)   yu.zhang46 Applied  Nonlinear ordinary differential equations and problems from fluid flow Chris Tisdell

Hongyin Zhao

PhD student

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z5307561 Pure

Multipliers on locally compact groups

Fedor Sukochev 

Jiarui Zhao

PhD student


z5365201 Statistics Pricing compound options in modified stochastic models

Leung Lung Chan, Spirondon Penev and Josef Dick

Leyang Zhao

PhD student

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z5167073 Statistics

Optimization methods for stochastic processes

Spiridon Penev and Guoyin Li