The UNSW Competitive Programming and Mathematics Society (CPMSoc) caters to students interested in competitive programming and/or competitive mathematics. 

CPMSoc’s main goals include:

  • To foster a community of students who are interested in competitive programming and/or competitive mathematics.
  • To host regular competitions and workshops to challenge students and improve their problem solving skills.
  • To encourage more students to get involved in competitive programming/mathematics.

Contact details:

    • President: Angus Ritossa
    • Vice President: Isaiah Iliffe
    • Secretary & Arc Delegate: Joseph Luo
    • Treasurer: Matthew Winfred
    • Grievance Officer: Oden Petersen


    • Maths: Gordon Ye and Sarthak Sahoo
    • Programming: Patrick Moore and Ryan Ong
    • Events: Jessica Xu and William Gong 
    • President: Jeffrey Yang
    • Vice President: Dallas Yan
    • Treasurer: Tom Nguyen
    • Secretary: Ricky Liu
    • Arc Delegate: Kevin Zhu
    • Grievance Officer: Nathan Lee


    • Education: Isaiah Iliffe, Joseph Luo, Oden Petersen, Angus Ritossa
    • Marketing: Cathy Cam, Vithushan Gandhiji