All postgraduate students are given the opportunity to present their research at our Annual Postgraduate Conference, which takes place in August. This one-day event showcases the innovative and cutting-edge research our students are achieving right now. The day features student presentations, plus plenary sessions.

All welcome! 

About the conference - for particpating students

This one-day event is an excellent opportunity to practice research communication skills, to find out what your peers have been up to, and to receive feedback from a broader base of people in the School outside of the scope of your regular supervisory team. You are also welcome to provide feedback to fellow students. The Postgraduate Conference is aligned with the Annual Reviews, so members of your review panel can get up to speed on what you have been working on before your review takes place. 

The inaugural Postgraduate Conference was held in 2014, and following its success has continued as an annual event. The student talks showcase the diverse and innovative research flowing from the PhD student cohort, and the schedule includes lengthier plenary sessions and talks by students which have recently been presented at overseas conferences. The 2015 event debuted a research poster competition, which has now become a permanent feature of the conference. Our 2020 and 2021 events were held fully online, and our 2022 conference welcomed back students and guests to an on-campus event in Colombo Theatres. 

The event attracts a healthy audience including School staff members and students.

2024 Postgraduate Conference

This year's conference is scheduled for Thursday 8 August in Colombo Theatres UNSW. See our Events page for more details. 

2023 Postgraduate Conference

The 2023 Postgraduate Conference was held on Friday 11 August in Colombo Theatres UNSW. See below for the 2023 prize winners.

Student prizes at the Postgraduate Conference

  • Our 2023 event was held at Colombo Theatres on 11 August. 

    Outstanding Talk Applied: Daniel Boettger
    Pure: Christian Bagshaw
    Statistics: Anant Mathur
    Outstanding Poster Daniel Czapski
    People's Choice Best Talk  Stuart-James Burney
  • Our 2022 event was held on campus for the first time since 2019.

    Outstanding Talk Applied: Peter Wu
    Pure: Eva-Maria Hekkelman
    Statistics: Fiona Kim
    Contribution Award Brock Sherlock
  • Our 2021 event was held fully online. 

    Outstanding Talk Applied: Michael Denes
    Pure: Madeleine Kyng
    Statistics: Maeve McGillycuddy
    Contribution Award Ashwaq Zarban


  • Our 2020 event was held fully online. 

    Outstanding Talk Applied: Michael Denes
    Pure: Nero (Ziyu) Li
    Statistics: Fiona Kim
    Contribution Award Haya Aldosari
    Outstanding Talk Applied: Michael Denes
    Pure: Kam Hung Yau
    Statistics: Yi-Lung Chen
    Outstanding Talk Applied: Harry Crimmins
    Pure: Ed McDonald
    Statistics: Thomas Whitaker
    Outstanding Poster Eduardo Vitarelli de Queiroz
    Contribution Award Fadi Antown
    Outstanding Talk Applied: Alec Gilbert
    Pure: Simon Macourt
    Statistics: Thomas Stindl    
    Outstanding Poster Anna McGann
    Outstanding Talk Applied: Alec Gilbert
    Pure: Adam Mammoliti
    Statistics: Thais Rodrigues
    Outstanding Poster Carlos Enrique Aya Moreno