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We’re committed to inspiring the next generation of mathematicians and statisticians.

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The School of Mathematics and Statistics is globally recognised for its outstanding research and excellence in teaching. Mathematics is humanity’s tool for comprehending the world around us and is essential for many fields of work including science, technology, engineering and finance. The school aims to inspire the next generation of mathematicians and statisticians through its ground-breaking research and industry partnerships. 


We celebrate critical thinking and encourage students to be innovative and creative in their practical application of mathematics and statistics. The School is an inclusive community, providing an enriching environment for student learning, contributing to its reputation as a leading research school. 

The School hosts regular seminars covering a broad range of topics from applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics. Our strong links with industry are reflected in our long-standing partnerships with government bodies and professional organisations. Engage with us and contribute to transforming the future through mathematics and statistics. 


The School of Mathematics and Statistics offers an engaging, regular seminar program covering a broad range of topics. Students and staff from across the school and wider university are encouraged to actively participate in our seminar program.
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Industry partnerships

The school maintains and attracts strong links with industry. We welcome approaches from external organisations and individuals to engage with us through mathematics and statistics. The school’s ongoing collaboration with industry is reflected in securing Australian Research Council Linkage Grants, industry sponsorship and alumni connections.
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Visiting teaching fellows

The aim of the Visiting Teaching Fellows Program (VTF) is to provide a two-way opportunity for experienced school teachers to spend a year with us, undertaking tutoring in First Year Mathematics and much more. Learn about the application process and key information.
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High school students and teachers

Information about events for high school students, maths careers, student profiles and teacher resources. 

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