This form is to be filled out by UNSW Mathematics & Statistics students only to take AMSI Summer School course/s as part of their Honours Year or Masters Programs. Please select your chosen courses in the webform, after visiting the AMSI website linked above.

The AMSI Summer School 2024 program enables students to take up to two intensive Honours/Postgraduate level courses during the four-week period; however, you can only nominate one for credit/assessment (at the time of application).  AMSI Summer School is only provided once a year for credit. 

In 2024, Summer School returns to a four-week in person event hosted by the Australian National University from 8 January – 2 February (virtual participation also available).  Enrolment in MATH5015 at UNSW will be during Term 1 only (not Summer term @ UNSW), this is mostly changed to apply AMSI final results when provded.

For all Honours students, this will impact your Term 1 unit load but will be managed automatically by the School because we manage all Honours course enrolments. You do not need to contact the School for help. 

For Masters students, AMSI Summer School will be a Term 1 enrolment. You will need to request permission to count the UNSW course (MATH5015 AMSI A) toward your Masters program by emailing and for support to enrol. The AMSI Summer School course is completed before the start of Term 1. Exams are held in Week 1 in Term 1. 

For Honours students, please seek approval from the Honours Coordinator to count toward your Honours Program. Please view the AMSI Guidelines for our information. Honours students need to email to provide approval advice and to seek enrolment for course MATH5015 AMSI A.