The Project is a compulsory part of any Master's coursework program, and is worth 12 Units of Credit (UoC); refer to the Master Project Guidelines linked below. 

The Project involves writing a thesis, i.e. a coherent written exposition of a chosen topic. The project gives the student an opportunity to make practical use of the knowledge gained through their Master's program, and to learn to work independently. It prepares the student for the problem-solving and report-writing aspects of future employment, or for progression to a research degree. The thesis could include a literature survey and a critical analysis of the topic area, or could be a small research project.   

For further information please contact Dr Libo Li, Director for Postgraduate Studies (Coursework) by email @ 

Please refer to the below guidelines for all relevant information: 

Master project guidelines  

Forms and related files

  • Late enrolment - You must be enrolled in the Project before the end of Week 1. If you are unable to, you will need to complete the webform for late enrolment.

To use this style file, the start of your LaTeX document should include the line



  • mxxx = mfin for the Master of Financial Mathematics
  • mxxx = mmath for the Master of Mathematics 
  • mxxx = mstat for the Master of Statistics
  • mxxx = mphyo for the Master of Physical Oceanography
  • mxxx = mdsd for the Master of Data Science and Decisions

For any further queries, please contact the Director of Postgraduate Coursework Studies by email: