How to study Actuarial Studies with Mathematics or Statistics at UNSW

Actuarial Studies is studied as the Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (program 3586). This degree can be combined with the BSc (Advanced Maths) as program 3589, and the ordinary BSc as program 3154. 

All these degrees are administered by the Australian School of Business and the Faculty of Science. 

Students with good results may continue for another year (total five years) to complete Honours in Actuarial Studies, Mathematics or Statistics.  

Our recommended study plan for entry (BActl/BSc) gives details of suggested courses fitted to the correct semester as a pdf file. These plans are given for the advanced maths degrees. For the ordinary BSc majors, see the handbook or contact the School of Mathematics and Statistics for which courses can be dropped. 

What do I study in the course? 

To find out more about which courses to take, see the pre-2013 Recommended Study Plan. 

For formal details and informal descriptions of individual Mathematics and Statistics courses, see the Details of Courses page.

Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Studies demand a high level of mathematical ability, so the mathematics level required is in fact higher than the formal prerequisites and we would only recommend this program for students whose Mathematics marks exceed 140 out of 150 in Mathematics plus Extension 1, or 180 out of 200 in Mathematics Extension 1 plus Extension 2.  

How do I get further information about these courses?

School of Mathematics and Statistics 
Phone: (02) 9385 7111 
Fax: (02) 9385 7123