Think of a Number


Two players each have one minute to name a number, and the player with the larger number wins.

How should we play this game?

While this problem might seem very simple and open-ended, investigating strategies for the game leads to some remarkable and surprising ideas. 

All are welcome to attend this public lecture, which will be accessible to audiences of all ages and levels of mathematical background. Please ensure to register via the yellow button to the right. 


Wednesday 26 July 2023

  • Lecture: 5-6pm in Colombo Theatre C, UNSW (ref: B16)
  • Refreshments: 6-7pm (Colombo foyer)

About the speaker:

Imre Leader is a professor at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Trinity College working in the field of Combinatorics.

He is also a celebrated mathematics communicator, whose talks focus on discovering the mathematical complexity that can underlie apparent simplicity. 

In 1999, Imre was awarded the Junior Whitehead Prize for his contributions to Combinatorics.

His research focuses on isoperimetric inequalities, extremal combinatorics, and Ramsey theory.

Imre is also known for his involvement with the International Mathematics Olympiad, and for his success as a champion Othello player.


Professor Imre Leader 


Nexus Lecture Series


University of Cambridge, UK


Wed 26 July 2023


Colombo Theatre C: Lecture at 5:00pm
Refreshments to follow at 6:00pm


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