Diversity, equity, and inclusion in workplaces

UNSW HR staff sitting around a desk

This project synthesised the academic literature regarding initiatives for equity, diversity and inclusion in workplaces. A focus was placed on evaluated initiatives, for which impact on employee and organisational outcomes was documented.

The reviews of three focal areas – gender equity, disability inclusion, and sexual and gender minority inclusion - covered over 13,250 scientific articles. A rigorous data extraction process was applied to summarise the evidence about best practices for advancing progress to workplace equity in these domains.

Explore each of these focal areas below.

The team

  • Dr Jesse Bergman, Research Associate at the Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador UNSW Sydney 
  • Dr Sarah E. Ratcliffe, Research Associate at the Office of the Women in STEM Ambassador, UNSW Sydney
  • Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith, Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador, Professor of Practice, UNSW Sydney 
  • Associate Professor Lisa A Williams, School of Psychology, UNSW Sydney 

A team of research assistants including Dylan Barrett, Antonia Boulton, Rebecca Caton, Amanda Chan, Shannon Eckhardt, Nicholas Ho, Fun Kaoru Hui Sato, June Kim, Tayla McCutcheon, Kyle Morrison, Kate Nicholls, and Sarah Rubenstein supported this research.