UNSW Health Sciences research explores the complexity of human biology and behaviour with an aim to mitigate disease, improve human health and increase social harmony.  From exploring RNA-related treatments to neurodegenerative diseases via the UNSW RNA Institute, to exploring the mental health impacts of COVID lockdown, to the inner-workings of the brain around our visual capabilities, UNSW Health Sciences research has driven world-leading discovery.

Gold-plated boost for cancer detection

Scientists will be able to detect cancer earlier from blood samples after advances were made in detecting microRNA molecules using gold-plated nanoparticles.

Help for children with severe behavioural problems

Innovative therapy for children with severe conduct issues promises profound benefits for families, schools and society at large.

Mandatory helmet laws halve cycling fatalities

A UNSW Sydney study has shown a clear link between mandatory helmet laws and a drastic reduction in cycling fatalities.

Natural preservative helps Indonesian food industry

UNSW research has helped commercialise a 100% biodegradable, natural chitosan product that preserves food for longer, reduces food waste and increases the income of smallholder farmers.

Soaking up the water & the sweat

UNSW scientists have developed a new carbon-based material that could revolutionise moisture control in applications as diverse as electronics, packaging, air conditioning – and keeping footwear fresh.

The mathematics of disease

Researchers from UNSW, and their partners in academia, government and industry, are using contemporary mathematical modelling to help in the fight against HIV.

Towards zero hunger

A UNSW scientist’s fish farming expertise is helping increase nutrition and provide a steady income, as well as a host of other benefits, for people in PNG and Vietnam.