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Welcome from the Head of School

Psychology is the study of mind and behaviour. It is one of the most interesting and challenging areas of scientific enquiry with the potential to benefit both individuals and society as a whole.

The School of Psychology at UNSW is located in the Faculty of Science and has approximately 30 academic staff, 1600 undergraduate students and 150 postgraduate students. Members of the school study a diverse range of topics such as children’s development of language and knowledge, how mood affects our social behaviour, bias in eyewitness testimony, the brain mechanisms underlying pleasure and pain, the effect of ageing and brain damage on memory, how the visual system perceives a three-dimensional world, and the causes and treatment of psychological disorders ranging from psychopathy to depression and post-traumatic stress.

We offer a broad range of undergraduate courses in the major areas of psychology that not only communicate contemporary knowledge but also train general skills in research design, critical thinking, statistical analysis and written and oral communication. Our postgraduate programs in clinical and forensic psychology provide intensive professional training and our PhD program offers the opportunity for advanced study in a range of specialised research fields.

What makes our school distinctive is the quality of our academic staff. We earn more competitive research funding and publish more tier one journal articles per academic than any other school in Australia. Our academics are very well connected within Australia and internationally. Historically, the school has played a leadership role in research, teaching and professional issues. The school has an academically rigorous but supportive culture, excellent research facilities and offers great opportunities for students, visitors and collaborators.

We welcome you to our school and invite you to explore our website.

- Professor Simon Killcross
Head of School

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