Essentials for organising your undergraduate psychology studies. Link up to sample programs, course outlines, computing information and the student society PsychSoc.

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Find everything you need to know about studying at UNSW as an undergraduate psychology student. Explore sample programs and outlines, learn about our dedicated computing facilities and discover your student society PsychSoc.

Course selection

Explore sample psychology programs to identify the courses you need to study to meet the requirements for graduating. Find sample programs for Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours).

Course outlines

Access Psychology course outlines for the current year or view the archive of previous years’ course outlines. There’s a quick guide to term availability for current courses and information on how to request an outline if it’s not available.

Computing information

Everything you need to know about computer access if you’re a psychology student. Discover which labs you have access to as an undergraduate or honours student, how to access them and opening times. There’s also a guide to rules and policies you’ll need to abide by.

Guide for outbound exchange students

This guide is intended for students at UNSW who wish to go on exchange, or have come back from exchange, and require approval from the School of Psychology for transfer of credit for psychology courses taken at the host university.
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PsychSoc is UNSW’S student society for all psychology students. The group runs regular social events plus offers academic assistance and career information. Discover more about what they do and how you can become a member.

Psychology Alumni Gateway

Our Psychology Alumni Gateway highlights your career possibilities as a psychology graduate. Explore our alumni stories and be inspired to think about life after completing your degree.
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