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UNSW School of Psychology offers a one-year APAC-accredited full-time honours year in psychology, available for commencement in Term 1 only. The program can't be taken part-time or by distance and mid-year entry is not available. The honours year can be taken as part of an embedded Honours degree or as a stand-alone degree. The school doesn't offer any other alternative fourth year program, such as a Graduate Diploma.


Students will conduct a year-long major independent research project (completed under the guidance of an academic supervisor) and write a thesis based on the project. In addition, students complete advanced-level core and elective coursework in both Term 1 and Term 2. For more detail please see the handbook.

If you have not studied at UNSW OR if you graduated from UNSW over a year ago, you are considered an external applicant.

  • An internal applicant is one who completes an APAC-accredited undergraduate (or bridging) sequence in psychology, at UNSW, in the year immediately prior to commencing their honours year. 

    If you complete your undergraduate (or bridging) psychology sequence in any teaching period one year and intend to commence Honours the very next year, your application will be assessed according to the internal application guidelines below. 

    Application guidelines

    Applications open on 1 August and close on 15 November. Before applying, prospective honours students should:

    1. Read the detailed honours information (updated around March or April each year).
    2. Review the supervisors and research areas document. This document lists academics within the school who will be available for honours supervision. Ensure that you are viewing the document relevant to the year of application and note that the document may be edited after its initial publication.
    3. Read the school's step-by-step guide to applying, noting that the application process differs slightly for students enrolled in different programs.
    4. Check out the Honours frequently asked questions.
    5. Submit your application according to the faculty’s instructions.

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  • An external applicant is one who completed their APAC-accredited undergraduate (or bridging) sequence outside of UNSW or graduated from UNSW over a year ago. 

    Eligibility requirements 

    Applicants from other institutions must have completed, within the last 10 years, a three-year undergraduate (or bridging) sequence in psychology (accredited as such by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC)). Applicants with international psychology qualifications must have the qualifications assessed by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) before applying.

    Subject to the availability of school resources, places may be offered to external applicants on the basis of academic merit. Only those with an exceptional academic record in psychology (such as a psychology WAM of 80 or above) are encouraged to apply.  

    Application guidelines

    Applications open on 1 August and close on 15 November. Before applying, prospective Honours students should:

    1. Read the program handbook.
    2. Read the school's step-by-step guide to applying.
    3. Check out the Honours frequently asked questions.
    4. Submit your application.

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When does the honours year start?

The Honours year begins in late January with a mandatory Orientation Meeting for all Honours students. Details of the meeting will be supplied to successful applicants when they are advised of their application outcome. The meeting is usually held in the final week of January, and for the 2022 intake will be hosted on Zoom from 11am on Tuesday, 25 January 2022.


For answers to questions about the application process, eligibility, administrative issues, or anything else relating to the Honours year, please contact the School.

Information current at: December 2021