Professional and technical staff

A woman in her early 30s explains something to a client who is sitting across from her. She looks passionate about what she is saying.
Professional and Technical Staff Position
Bolzan, John Senior Technical Officer
Camilleri, Linda May Project Administrator
Chen, Danny Program Administrator
Chu, Samuel Program Administrator (Postgraduate and Honours Support)
Fiala-Beer, Eva H&S Technical Officer
Freky, Deliana Program Administrator (Online Graduate Support)
Gallagher, Martin Carlisle Technical Support Assistant
Jayawardana, Shanta Senior Technical Officer
Leung, Camilla Yu Teaching Support Admin Officer
Mann, Gary Teaching Support Admin Officer
Mantalaba, Socrates School Manager
Olley, Amanda Psychology Clinic Supervisor, Clinical Neuropsychologist
Rawson, Natasha Elizabeth Jane Psychology Clinic Supervisor, Clinical Neuropsychologist
Rowan, Anne Kathleen Technical Officer
Sebastian, Marty Technical Officer
Sinclair, Rebecca Teaching Support Administration Officer
Solomon, Jonathan Eleazer Senior Technical Officer
Strempel, Jennifer Laboratory Assistant
Vassallo, Shane Lee Clinic Director, Clinical Psychologist
Vircoe, Leah Mary Supervising Psychologist
Warda, Gladiss Clinical Psychologist
Williams, Lydia Laboratory Assistant