Our staff in clinical psychology and psychopathology at UNSW conduct internationally-recognised research that focuses on a range of psychological disorders and the basic processes that underlie those disorders. Research topics include: 

  • behavioural medicine 
  • traumatic brain injury 
  • childhood emotional and conduct disorders  
  • post-traumatic stress disorder  
  • assessment of anxiety and depression  
  • eating disorders  
  • dissociative processes 
  • refugee mental health 
  • schizophrenia 
  • online treatments for depression and anxiety 
  • anxiety disorders. 

Psychology clinic 

Much of the clinical research is conducted in collaboration with the Psychology Clinic located within our school. The clinic provides assessment and intervention for clients with a wide range of clinical problems, including childhood and adult anxiety disorders, mood disorders, learning disabilities, brain injury, conduct disorders, eating disorders, relational problems and many other problems. 

Our research 

Research in clinical psychology and psychopathology at UNSW represents cutting-edge advances in many fields of clinical psychology and is widely acclaimed internationally. The work conducted by our research group has resulted in more than $3 million in research funding in recent years, the publication of more than 200 journal articles and receipt of numerous academic awards. 

Our people