Health & safety for students

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UNSW is a leading Australian university with a diverse range of research, teaching programs and centres of excellence, covering a multitude of disciplines and research areas. Health and safety are intrinsic to the way we do business at UNSW. Our overall aim is “Harm to Zero”, with the expectation that all persons shall come to no harm while in the workplace.

The following values form the basis of achieving our aim of “Harm to Zero”:

  • People are our most valuable asset and we're all committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone in the workplace.
  • Everyone has a responsibility for safety, their own and others.
  • Injuries can be prevented, and an incident-free working and learning environment is actively pursued.
  • Communication and consultation are central to working together for a safer workplace.

For all matters relating to Occupational Health and Safety, see

Hazard & incident reporting

Students enrolled in psychology courses are required to report any hazards or incidents in two ways:

  1. Using the online reporting system via myUNSW.
  2. Emailing John Bolzan, the School of Psychology Health & Safety representative, with details of the hazards or incidents.

You must report hazards or incidents using both methods.

Mandatory health & safety training

Completion of an online OHS awareness course is mandatory for honours and postgraduate students. Those requiring laboratory work as part of their study may also be required to undertake a laboratory safety course. See the OHS Training page for further information.

If you fail to complete mandatory health and safety training:

  • Panel meetings may not be convened for Honours students.
  • Postgraduate coursework/research students may not be permitted to enrol.
  • Those requiring laboratory work as part of their study may be denied access to labs.

A safe campus

Student safety and the security of personal property is a high priority at UNSW.

Personal safety on campus is something UNSW wants students to be aware of. UNSW encourages students to act positively and responsibly to enhance their own safety.

Safety on campus is managed by UNSW Security Services who are dedicated to providing a safe campus for the whole community.

UNSW is a large institution and includes a number of campuses. Each campus has a local security focus so it is important to find out what the safety procedures are at each location.

Visit the UNSW Student Life website for further information.