Peer Mentoring Program

Two men working together in a booth

The School of Psychology Peer Mentoring Program was established in 2000 with the aim of helping incoming first year students studying psychology make a successful transition into university. In this program, a small group of first year students will be mentored by third year students majoring in psychology. 

The content of this program is tailored to the needs of psychology students. Mentors cover topics such as: 

  • Organisation and exam preparation;
  • Social opportunities on campus;
  • Research at a university-level; and
  • Professional communication skills and careers within psychology. 

This program also provides a valuable opportunity for new students to get to know their peers and begin building their social network. 

If you are entering your 3rd year in 2024 and would like to be a peer mentor, click here for additional information, or sign up here

The contact email for this program is: