If you’re a science student in your second-year or above, you can become a peer mentor. You’ll be helping our first-year science students, making their transition to university smoother. You’ll receive mentoring training so you can confidently provide new students with the guidance they need. Plus, you’ll have your efforts acknowledged on your AHEGS secondary transcript. 

We’ll match you with individuals or a small group of first-year students. Mentoring groups are often the foundation of ongoing friendships and give new students the start they need as they’re embarking on university. 

If you’re interested in becoming a Science Peer Mentor, call for expressions of interest opens in October each year. You can find out more information about becoming a Peer Mentor by contacting the Science Peer Mentoring Coordinator

Benefits of being a peer mentor 

Our peer mentors are trained to give support to first-year students making their transition to university life. You’ll guide new students as they begin their time at university, enjoying the benefits of: 

  • becoming a positive role model and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping members of the university community 
  • acquiring lifelong skills that will be transferable to your future and the workplace 
  • enhancing your CV - volunteering is highly regarded by employers 
  • having your participation listed on your secondary transcript (AHEGS). 
Christina @ wocintechchat.com
Christina @ wocintechchat.com

Interested in being a mentor?

You can make a difference to a new science student’s uni life. To be a science peer mentor, you need to be able to give enough time and motivation to commit to the duration of the program.  

You’ll be given training to ensure you have all the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to support new students.  

What our mentors are saying 

“It’s amazing giving my mentees tips I learned along the way, to inspire and encourage them to make their uni time the best possible.” 
“The most enjoyable experience for me was getting to know my mentees. It felt really rewarding seeing them become more confident by the end of the program.” 
Christina @ wocintechchat.com