Student opportunities

UNSW Science student opportunities puts your learning into practice.

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At UNSW Science, we offer a range of student opportunities that extend beyond the lab and lecture theatre. Grow your real-world skills and research career prospects with a UNSW research internship. Pursue an exciting year of study abroad. Check out our science work-integrated learning programs and get valuable work experience before you graduate.

Want some support in career planning and deciding what's right for you? Register for STEM Career Launchpad, a career management program specially designed for UNSW Science students.  ​

STEM Career Launchpad

A career management program just for science students: the STEM Career Launchpad.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

Gain professional work experience that counts towards your science degree.

Research Integrated Learning (RIL)

Explore research career paths though research internships that count towards your science degree

Student exchange

UNSW Student Exchange offers you the opportunity to gain credit towards your degree while you’re studying and travelling overseas. You can choose to study at one of our 300 partner universities in exciting destinations all over the world.

Highlighted opportunities

NUW Alliance Malaysia Science Internships

Although the in-country version is postponed until further notice, virtual Malaysia science internships are available during summer terms.

Summer Vacation Research Scholarships

For six weeks over the summer holidays, UNSW Science offers research scholarships to talented undergraduates.

Career Ready Mentoring Program

Final year UNSW students connect with established industry professionals, providing an opportunity to focus on career development during the transition from study to work.
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