Scientia Professor Sven Rogge
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Scientia Professor Sven Rogge

PhD in Physics (Stanford University, 1997) | BSc in Physics (Universität Karlsruhe, 1991)
School of Physics

Professor Sven Rogge is Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) at the University of New South Wales, Sydney (UNSW). Sven’s research interest is in condensed matter physics, in particular quantum electronics, at the School of Physics. Sven works on quantum computation in silicon in the ARC Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology. In a team of enthusiastic researchers, they work on gaining atomistic insight into the interactions of quantum objects, like atoms and qubits, with their environment. This allows the team to manipulate quantum information and minimise decoherence. Before joining UNSW in 2011 Sven worked at the Kavli Institute for Quantum Nano Science at Delft University and Stanford University.