We are committed to sharing our science and collaborating with industry. See our short case study videos below to learn more. 

Partner story – Memjet

Professor Martina Stenzel’s research on complex polymer architectures provided a change for digital ink technology leader Memjet to explore new innovation.
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Partner story – Spire Global

We’re keeping a closer eye on climate-related Antarctic sea ice changes thanks to the ‘Ice Cube’ partnership between Dr Shane Keating and commercial small-satellite leader Spire Global.
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Partner story – CAP-XX

The need to explore new energy storage materials created an opportunity for UNSW Science Associate Professor Neeraj Sharma to partner with CAP-XX, a world-leader in the design and manufacture of supercapacitors.
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Partner story – NSW Government

UNSW RNA Institute: A new ‘RNA ecosystem’ is emerging in NSW and UNSW is delighted to partner with the NSW Government and other Universities in NSW to make this happen.
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Partner story - Lendlease and Infrastructure NSW

We’re mitigating the impacts of rising sea levels and increasing construction around our coastlines through Dr Mariana Mayer Pinto’s Living Seawalls Initiative. Through Mariana’s partnership with Lendlease and Infrastructure NSW, the largest Living Seawalls in the world was installed at Waterman’s Cove, Barangaroo.
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Partner Story - Lake Macquarie City Council

A multidisciplinary research team focussed on coastal safety, the UNSW Beach Safety Research Group has partnered with Lake Macquarie City Council to codify and better align school-based beach safety teaching with best practice with a program called Safeguarding the Next Generation.
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Partner Story - Psylo

Psylo is developing next-generation medicines, inspired by the enormous promise of psychedelics, to treat depression and other serious mental illness. Psylo is based at UNSW, and is collaborating with Associate Professor Luke Hunter to develop psilocybin-like therapeutics with improved clinical efficacy and reduced side-effect profile.
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Partner story - Drop Bio Health

Drop Bio Health is a digital health and biotechnology company focused on early warning, women’s health and mental health. By partnering with UNSW, Drop Bio Health has gained access to talent, research, established networks and world-class technical infrastructure on the UNSW campus.
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Partner story – Regional Opportunities Australia

UNSW Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program and Regional Opportunities Australia (ROA) have worked together to identify factors associated with employment outcomes amongst refugees in Australia. ROA are using these important findings to shape their support programs for refugees looking for work after arrival in Australia.

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“Global partnerships like this one, bring together the best of what both universities and industry have to offer: academics bring specialised expertise and innovative problem-solving approaches, and industry brings the know-how to transform new ideas into impactful products” 

Jessica Cartwright, Senior Scientific Programmer, Spire Global

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