Throughout the year we hold events such as BBQs and soccer matches, along with annual activities like a camp, harbour cruise and ball.

Our aim is to provide help and mentoring to all students of Materials Science & Engineering, and to encourage students to socialise together, both through MATSOC and jointly held events with other societies.

We also provide information to the community of the work that is being done by the school.

Planned events for 2022

  • Study sessions for exams
  • BBQ
  • First year camp with ChemEng
  • Career talks by industry professionals
  • Engineering Sports Day
  • Laser tag
  • Jerseys
  • Movie night

First year representatives are elected at our first BBQ of the semester. Being part of MATSOC is an amazing way to boost your CV and to obtain entry into more influential positions!

Join the MATSOC Facebook page for regular updates on events and other Materials-related happenings. Occasionally, opportunities for internships are posted there also!

Bring your friends and come along to our BBQs held every semester! We do our best to accommodate everyone's timetable by checking with our Year Reps, so be sure to let them know if certain times are a no-go for you. BBQs are not just a great way to bond with your peers – often our academic staff join in the fun also!

You can contact MATSOC via email at


President: Scott Jones

Vice-president (Internals): Jenny Huang

Vice-president (Externals): Ayman Haque

Secretary: Aryaman Singh

Treasurer: Sherry Chen

Arc Delegate: Rachelle Tay

Social Director: Paolo Alegro

Marketing Director: Sherry Handoyo

International Student Representative: Hubert Lee

4th Year Representative: Ayesha Ray-Kirsch

3rd Year Representatives: Stephanie Mui and Jade Yuen

2nd Year Representatives: Aerolight David and Rebecca Ninan