Vicki Zhong - Class of 2019

Vicki Zhong graduated from the School in 2019 with 1st Class Honours in Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering (majoring in Ceramics Engineering) / Masters of Biomedical Engineering.

Holstein Wong - Class of 2013

Holstein Wong graduated from the School in 2013 with 1st Class Honours in BEng Materials Science & Engineering. She was awarded the University Medal in Ceramic Engineering, one of the most distinguished awards to be bestowed on an undergraduate student.

Alan Xu - Class of 2010

"Being one of the top 50 universities in the world, I could not think of a better place than UNSW to begin my career as a materials scientist."

Greg Bodkin - Class of 1987

A graduate of the UNSW School of Materials Science & Engineering and later completing a Master of Commerce. Greg Bodkin is now a Senior Vice President at Cochlear Limited.

Caitlin Healy – Class of 2013 & 2019!

Caitlin Healy graduated from the Bachelor of Engineering (Materials Science) (Honours) in 2013 with 1st Class Honours before going on to complete a PhD in 2019.