Energy & environment

Renewable energy and the environment

Our mission is to drive innovations via active academic collaborations across complementary disciplines and industry partnerships for the development of renewable energy, energy storage, clean water, sustainability, the hydrogen economy and the circular economy. We conduct fundamental research within the context of complex real-world energy and environmental challenges and pursue pathways to the effective technological translation.

SMaRT centre

The core aims of the SMaRT centre are to develop novel research for sustainable materials and manufacturing processes, build industry partnerships to activate research for real world impact, and disseminate green materials and manufacturing technologies that benefit industries and local communities, and enhance sustainable economic growth.
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Advanced electronic materials and devices group

This group specialises in experimental design and optimisation of a broad range of novel functional oxides at different length scales including bulk ceramics, thin films, superlattices and low-dimensional nanostructures for nanoelectronic, photonic and energy-related applications.

UNSW team graphene

We are a team of creative scientists and engineers exploring new ways to develop applications of graphene and other 2D materials.

Semiconductors for energy applications group

Our group is working to develop new semiconducting materials, particularly solid solutions and doped materials, for use in renewable energy applications such as photocatalysis and solar cells.

Nanoionic materials group

The nanoionic materials group is focusing on design, synthesis and printing of metal oxides and suflides-based nanoionic materials for wearable electronics, as well as energy storage and conversion materials.

Hydrogen storage and battery technology group

This group leads research into hydrogen storage and battery technology, partnering with industry to develop workable solutions.

Theme leader

Group leaders

Honorary Professor Sammy Chan
Honorary Professor

Sammy’s research interests are in the areas of energy-materials, hydrogen storage and metal matrix composites (MMCs).