Electronics & communications


Communication and computing devices, such as mobile phones and notebooks, are now being used by billions of people in their daily life. These devices are generally built with a complex combination of electronic materials.

Exciting innovations and developments in the field of electronic materials are waiting to happen, to advance future groundbreaking technologies.

In this area, we conduct interdisciplinary research in areas such as condensed matter physics, materials science and device engineering. This includes world-class research on the fabrication, structure, and properties characterisation and applications of electronic materials.

Our vision is to develop next-generation electronic materials and underpin its broad collaborative base and its ability to attract students and researchers from a range of disciplines.


Heterostructured materials and integrated systems group

The Materials and Manufacturing Futures Institute at UNSW Sydney is studying, building and transforming the future of materials innovation and advanced manufacturing – we are an interdisciplinary research hub delivering real-world social benefits and tangible solutions to emerging global problems.
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Advanced scanning probe microscopy of functional materials group

We are primarily interested in the synthesis and characterisation of functional materials, with a focus on complex oxides, halide perovskites and novel van der Waals materials.
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Hybrid materials and advanced interfaces group

Our group explores novel nanomaterials, thin films and hybrid heterostructures, with a focus on their electronic, magnetic and optical functionalities, aiming to solve problems in the domains of energy and electronics research.

Thin films and interface materials

Our group research focuses multiferroic functional materials. Our group spends hours trying make these ferroics at very tiny dimensions and to see what happens when ferroics are scaled down to the size of a few nanometers.

Multi-length-scale characterisation in electronic materials

Our group develops and applies advanced materials characterisation methods using synchrotron X-ray and neutron sources to advance novel electronic and electro-mechanical materials. We collaborate with multiple industry partners to progress real-world technologies.

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