Enabling platforms

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Enabling tools

Electron microscopy unit

We are a central research infrastructure unit that provides microscopy and analysis facilities to the research community of the university. If you are new to our unit and would like to use our facilities, please go to the access page to find out how to register.
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School of Materials Science & Engineering booking system

The school has extensive and well-established research facilities. For the most efficient use of these resources, please use the appropriate booking system.
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Computational and data infrastructure

Home to Australia's leading high-performance research computing environment. It provides world-class services, such as high-performance cloud computing and petascale data, to all domains of science, government and industry.
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Solid state & elemental analysis unit

The SSEAU is part of the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre located in the Chemical Sciences Building (F10) on the Kensington Campus. We have specialised facilities for structural and elemental analysis for a wide range of research areas.
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Spectroscopy laboratroy

This lab focuses on vibrational spectroscopy techniques, Raman and infrared, enabling chemical characterisation and micron-scale mapping of solids, liquids and powders. The lab hosts two Raman spectrometers (one with photoluminescence capability), two FTIR spectrometers and two UV/Visible/NIR spectrophotometers.
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Nuclear magnetic resonance facility

First established as an inter-faculty operation with its first spectrometer with a superconducting magnet in 1982, this facility is now located within the purpose-built Analytical Centre, housed in the Chemical Sciences Building (F10), and equipped to an international standard with state-of-the art instruments.
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School printers

The school has Fuji Xerox printers for staff and students located on Level 1 to Level 4. There are two black & white printers located in Rm 217 on Level 2 and Rm 417 on Level 4, and two colour printers with multifunction located in Rm 117 on Level 1 and Rm 317 on Level 3.
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National facilities

Australian Synchrotron

The Australian Synchrotron produces powerful beams of light that are used at individual experimental facilities to examine the molecular and atomic details of a wide range of materials. The advanced techniques are applied to research in many important areas including health and medical, food, environment, biotechnology, nanotechnology and energy.
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Australian centre for neutron scattering

The home of neutron science in Australia and a leading facility in the Asia Oceania region. It is part of an international network of organisations with neutron sources that delivers world-competitive neutron scattering science from Australian and international users.
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National Research Infrastructure for Australia (NCRIS)

NCRIS drives research excellence and collaboration between 35,000 researchers, government and industry to deliver practical outcomes.
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