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We love sharing our passion for materials science and engineering with students and the greater community. Our researchers, students and staff have worked hard to create a range of programs and experiences to help communicate the exciting field of materials science. 

Our tutorials explain key science and engineering concepts in an easy to follow series and are great for those studying technical subjects like HSC Engineering Studies, Physics and Chemistry. Our lesson plans provide three interactive HSC lessons based on the HSC Engineering Studies syllabus focusing on a bending test rig which can be 3d printed. You can also learn about the importance of materials throughout history and emerging materials already shaping the future. We would love to show your HSC class around campus for a tailored visit or to come on to campus for one of our big events like Open Day!


Online tutorials

Materials Science and Engineering touches almost every aspect of our lives from the concrete and steel in the structures around us, the components in our electronic devices and even biomedical implants used to better our health.

Bending test lesson plans

The roles of materials scientists and engineers are diverse ranging from growing cell cultures for biomaterials to developing high performance alloys. The testing of all of the materials we create and work with is fundamentally important to determine their properties and modes of failure.

Pykrete lesson plan

Looking for a fun and educational experiment that can be conducted using materials from home? Try our Pykrete Experiment!

2021 Materials Engineering HSC Revision Lecture

Thank you to the students and teachers who attended the Engineering Studies HSC revision lecture on mechanical properties and mechanical testing on the 18th October 2021. The lecture recording can be viewed below. Lecture slides can be downloaded from the sidebar on the right.

Exciting materials

Materials of the future

Materials have been shaping human history since the dawn of civilisation. But what else is out there, as yet undiscovered?

Materials that shaped history

This page is dedicated to celebrating some of the materials that have significantly changed the way humans live across the broad span of history.

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We would love to show your HSC class around campus for a tailored visit or to see you all on campus for one of our big events such as Open Day. Contact us for more information.

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